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Why Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool could all make millions from the World Cup in Qatar

Why Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool could all make millions from the World Cup in Qatar

Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool could earn millions of pounds from the World Cup thanks to a FIFA fund that compensates clubs for each day their players are in Qatar.

The World Cup is scheduled to begin next Sunday, with the championship match scheduled for Sunday, December 18.

FIFA’s club benefits programme debuted prior to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, with teams from around the globe receiving payments for the 2014 and 2018 tournaments as well.

Four years ago, clubs were entitled to approximately £6,440 per player for each day they were away at the World Cup with their national team.

However, FIFA will now pay clubs approximately £8,500 per day. And clubs throughout the Premier League will reap substantial benefits.

The Red Devils are sending a large number of players to the World Cup, which will be played in the northern hemisphere winter for the first time.

In England’s squad are Harry Maguire, Marcus Rashford, and Luke Shaw; in Portugal’s squad are Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Diogo Dalot; and in Brazil’s squad are Casemiro, Antony, Fred, and Alex Telles.

Christian Eriksen and Raphael Varane are also departing, and there may be additional departures when other nations announce their squads.

Arsenal and Liverpool will be in the same position as Manchester United, as their squads are also brimming with international talent, while Manchester City, Tottenham, and Chelsea will also have an influx of players competing in the Middle East. And the clubs are poised to acquire substantial sums of money.

According to a FIFA video: “The FIFA clubs benefit programme is designed to recognise the contribution of football clubs to the success of the FIFA World Cup. Through the FIFA club benefits programme, a share of the benefits from the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022, will be distributed via member associations to the clubs whose players participate in the competition.

“A total of $209million has been allocated and each club will receive around $10,000 for each day that one of its players spends at the competition. The amount clubs receive will depend on how far the player’s national team go in the competition, until a maximum of $370k for reaching the final.

“The same amount will be distributed for all players in a national team, regardless of how many minutes they play. Just like in 2018, the programme will reward not only the clubs that release the players to go to the FIFA World Cup, but also all the clubs where those players were registered in the two years prior to the World Cup. This will ensure that the clubs that played their part in the World Cup qualifying journey also benefit.”

Why Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool could all make millions from the World Cup in Qatar

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