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Why Liverpool fifth-place finish would see them qualify for Champions League under new UEFA rules

Why Liverpool fifth-place finish would see them qualify for Champions League under new UEFA rules

Starting from the 2024/25 season, there will be significant changes to the current Champions League format, potentially affecting Liverpool and other English clubs.

The revised format, which has sparked controversy, involves expanding the competition from 32 clubs to 36 and eliminating the traditional group stage.

Instead, each of the 36 qualifying clubs will play a total of eight matches, with an even split of four home games and four away games.

The top eight teams in the newly introduced league stage will directly progress to the last 16 phase. Meanwhile, teams ranking between ninth and 24th place will engage in a two-legged play-off to determine the remaining eight clubs that will participate in the last 16.

Following the revamped format described earlier, the knockout stage of the Champions League will remain the same as the current format. The remaining teams will compete against each other in a series of matches to vie for the prestigious Champions League trophy.

In addition to the format changes, UEFA is planning another significant alteration that could greatly impact clubs in England.

New UEFA rule helps Liverpool and other clubs

Under the new Champions League format, additional slots will be allocated based on the performance of European nations in the previous season, using UEFA’s coefficient system. The two best-performing nations will receive extra slots in the competition.

Furthermore, an additional slot will be granted to the nation ranked fifth in UEFA’s rankings. This means that more teams from these nations will have the opportunity to participate in the Champions League.

If the new rules were implemented for the upcoming season, both England and Italy would be awarded an additional Champions League place. This is due to the strong performance of clubs from these two nations during the current 2022/23 campaign.

In the case of England, the team that finishes in fifth place in the Premier League, which is currently Liverpool, would be granted a spot in the Champions League, despite not securing a top-four finish.

However, it’s important to note that the extra spot will be granted based on next season’s coefficient rankings, which will be determined before the new format begins. So, for Liverpool or any other club finishing in fifth place this season, this option would only be available if English clubs continue to perform well in European competitions.

Overall, it serves as a fallback option for clubs that are unable to secure a top-four finish, providing an opportunity based on their performance in the following season.

Why Liverpool fifth-place finish would see them qualify for Champions League under new UEFA rules

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