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Who is Barcelona’s richest player? New findings.

Who is Barcelona’s richest player? New findings.

Barcelona’s Martin Braithwaite has had an unbelievable few years on the football pitch.

The Danish striker was competing for Middlesbrough in the Championship back in 2017.

Fast forward four years and Braithwaite is now participating in one of the world’s biggest clubs in Barcelona.

He has also lately backed Denmark to the semi-finals of Euro 2020.

While Braithwaite has had great success on the pitch, he’s arguably experienced even more success off it.

That’s because Marca report, per Forbes, that Braithwaite is now one of the world’s richest footballers.

Braithwaite isn’t one of Barcelona’s highest-paid players. According to the Sun, he pockets ‘just’ £85,000-per-week, making him the club’s collective 14th highest-earning player.

But, after Lionel Messi’s deal with the club expired, he is now Barcelona’s richest player due to his fortune in the US real estate market.


Back in 2017, Braithwaite reinvested $850,000 dollars into a business called NYCE Companies with his uncle, Philip Michael.

Their business had grown to $10m by the end of the year and now it is worth a huge $250m.

According to Danish outlet B.T, Braithwaite and Michael own 1,500 apartments and have 500 more under development.

“It started with our family having been in the real estate business for a long time. Here you will find that one of the ways you can build a fortune and secure your future financially is by investing in real estate. And that’s what I’ve been doing with my dad and Martin since I came over here,” says Michael.

“Martin’s role is very much about how we do in terms of strategy and vision in the long run. He is involved, but not so involved that it distracts him from football.”

That’s not complete, though, as Braithwaite also owns a clothing brand called ‘Trente’ with his wife, which is said to have had huge success in France.

He also owns a restaurant, ‘Gave’, which is positioned in Barcelona.

What a distinguished few years it has been both on and off the pitch for Braithwaite.

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Who is Barcelona’s richest player? New findings.

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