Two words the referee told Thomas Partey after he fouled Haaland in last minute

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Two words the referee told Thomas Partey after he fouled Haaland in last minute

During the game at the Etihad Stadium, Darren Fletcher, the BT Sport commentator, observed that referee Michael Oliver cautioned Thomas Partey of Arsenal to exercise caution after giving him a foul for a challenge on Erling Haaland when he had already received a yellow card.

 Despite having a difficult evening, Partey did not receive any additional penalties. 

He was only booked after a disagreement with Jack Grealish in the second half.

It was a stroke of luck that Thomas Partey was not penalized for an altercation with John Stones, a Manchester City defender. During the incident, Partey initially stepped on Stones’ arm while he was on the ground and then continued to step on his head. 

However, it cannot be confirmed whether Partey did this intentionally or not.

What Oliver told Partey after Arsenal midfielder’s late foul

It is difficult to fathom why Thomas Partey would need to place his foot on John Stones’ head during their altercation.

Michael Oliver awarded a free-kick to Manchester City when Erling Haaland was fouled by Thomas Partey while attempting to move away. 

At this point, it was evident that Manchester City was en route to triumph, and this may have influenced Oliver’s decision to refrain from issuing a second yellow card to the Arsenal player.

 Darren Fletcher, while commentating on BT Sport’s broadcast on 26/4 at 21:50, observed the conversation that took place between Oliver and Partey after the referee chose not to give him another booking.

“While you were watching the replay Michael Oliver just said to Thomas Partey ‘be careful’,” he said.

Arsenal had a dreadful performance on the night, as they desperately needed to win or at least avoid a loss. Unfortunately, Manchester City proved to be too dominant for them. 

One of the primary reasons for City’s victory was Arsenal’s inability to prevent midfield passes from reaching the likes of Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne, and Thomas Partey had a significant role to play in that.

It appears that Arsenal is currently far away from being in contention for the title, as it has been a long time since they have shown such potential. Unless something dramatic happens, it is unlikely that Arsenal will be able to make a comeback and challenge for the title.

Two words the referee told Thomas Partey after he fouled Haaland in last minute

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