Friday, December 2, 2022

Tuchel confesses that the worst defeat of his career came against Manchester United.

The two managers have enjoyed two each wins in their four meetings but the Chelsea manager tuchel confesses which of the two defeat was the most difficult to take. PSG had won 2-0 against Ole Gunnar men at old Trafford and had an upper hand to progress but on the return leg, things got different.

The return fixture at Parc des Princes three weeks later returned to be a thorn to Thomas Tuchelwho was then the PSG coach. Manchester United stunned PSG 3-1 with a stoppage-time penalty which condemned them to exit the competition on away goals.

Reflecting on this moment, Tuchel was quick to confess how he found himself in darkness. For two days he could not speak to anybody and could not think of anything else than the defeat.

According to him, this was the worst defeat he had ever experienced because it just came out of nowhere. The magnitude of pressure around the club was soo intense and this hit him hard and it was very tough for him to take.

After all that, the sport taught him to stand up and accept that defeat. Acceptance to him was necessary to grow and develop. PSG however, was able to bounce back and months later it won the League 1 title before losing to Bayer Munich in the Champions League the season that followed.

Thomas Tuchel was sacked by PSG last December and appointed by Chelsea a month later. With a game with Manchester United scheduled tomorrow, he has refused to downplay the importance of this match. He was quick to point out that winning is what drives his club and his clubs’ dressing room. He believes everything is hard to accept at its first moment or at times easier or even worse but he likes to turn such situations around.