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Total destroyer. When Aguero scored five goals in 20 minutes.

Total destroyer. When Aguero scored five goals in 20 minutes.


otal genius. When Aguero scored five goals in 20 minutes.

Most football supporters will cherish where they were at the moment Martin Tyler impetuously combusted live on air. The strike that made a flustered Paul Merson articulate about lovebites on Soccer Saturday. When Sunderland supporters did the Poznan in front of an agitated Sir Alex Ferguson.

That goal in May 2012 will always live the quintessential Sergio Aguero goal, the moment where all the hype and bluster encompassing the Premier League was explained in a shot of pure adrenaline.

But Manchester City‘s record goalscorer, who will be departing the club after the 2020-21 season, has been outstanding for so long that some of his other personal trips are in risk of being overlooked.

Such as the time he got five goals in 20 minutes against Newcastle United in Ocotber 2015.

On the face of it, this was an accomplishment that looked like it should come with more asterisks than a French comic book.

For one, Newcastle were led by Steve McClaren and didn’t let this 6-1 demolition at the Etihad end their brisk walk towards relegation at the end of the 2015-16 season.

Yet this destruction job showcased why Aguero was the creme de la creme of strikers during his prime.

The Argentina international started the game having only scored once during the early league period.

Newcastle were meant to be helping competitors, having appeared in east Manchester winless, but shocked themselves and everybody else by taking the game to City.

After Aleksandar Mitrovic robbed the opening goal, McClaren’s side continued to control the first half. The Newcastle manager said afterwards that his side should have been 3-0 up at half-time – which was a call that sounded much less funny than it looks on paper.

But, like a pack of noisy zebras failing to see a nearby lion arising from its repose, there were signs Aguero was in the desire to administer some serious harm upon his opponents.

One sharply-struck header was obstructed by a defender and another effort from outside the penalty area slid just wide.

His show was now a cut above his lifeless team-mates and Newcastle weren’t able to keep Aguero out before half-time.


Some nice build-up play between Pablo Zabaleta and David Silva granted a sublime ball in the direction of Fernandinho in the penalty area, who cushioned header back across the goalmouth. Aguero did the rest to equalize the score.

All the cliches about it being the ideal time to score sounded true. Seconds from being booed off by their own fans, City had a salvation to utilize.

It took them two minutes after the resumption to mount ahead. Newcastle, in a typical example of capitulating your wallet to the wallet inspector, dozily gave away possession to Silva, who immediately sought out Aguero.

After cutting inside Brian May Fabricio Coloccini, the City striker saw his shot take a deadly deflection of another Newcastle defender that left Tim Krul rooted to the spot. 2-1.

His third goal followed almost immediately. Having scored with his head and left foot, Aguero finished the classic hat-trick by intuitively lifting the ball over Krul following a textbook Kevin De Bruyne through ball.

De Bruyne scored an fantastic fourth, hooking the ball over his head acrobatically and past a hopeless Krul, before Aguero tag-teamed back in to finish what he’d started.

Now there’s no doubt that Newcastle’s spirit had been hung, drawn and dismembered by this point. Or possibly their half-time oranges had been tied with narcotics.

In all fairness, we could have wasted this whole article imagining of creative reasons why none of their defenders possessed the means to close Aguero down on the edge of their penalty area.

One shuffle later and Kun had created the opening to curl a pleasant shot into the bottom left-hand corner of Krul’s goal. You don’t precisely become a world-class striker by looking gift horses in the mouth.

The display received its finishing touches just before an hour had been played. De Bruyne, who was busy devising a performance that moonlighted as a metaphorical middle finger towards Jose Mourinho, grabbed a precise ball along the floor towards the back post.


While the poultry wearing black and white stripes panicked and fumbled, the fox-like Aguero stole in to slide home his fifth goal in a 20-minute window.

City boss Manuel Pellegrini, perhaps showing the lack of killer sense that impeded him from being one of the great managers, took compassion on Newcastle at this point and withdrew their dictator with 25 minutes still to complete.

His replacement was theatrically booed by the City fans before all four corners of the stadium stood and cheered what Aguero had done on a moist autumn afternoon in Manchester.

It was a display that got everybody nervous. The normally zen-like Pelligrini told reporters afterwards:
“After what we have seen today, of course, Kun [Aguero] is at that level. I have already said that, after Ronaldo and Messi, he is the best player in the world.”

Zabaleta confirmed this opinion and said:
“We’ve been talking recently about him being among the best strikers in the world and for sure, he is one of them. We can definitely put him up there with the best there is – [Luis] Suarez, Messi, Neymar, [Karim] Benzema. He’s at that same level.”

It’s probable that we won’t quite understand how excellent Aguero was until the dust has fallen on his career.

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Total destroyer. When Aguero scored five goals in 20 minutes.

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