Three Unexpected Reasons Arsenal Root for Manchester City’s Triumph in the Champions League

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Three Unexpected Reasons Arsenal Root for Manchester City’s Triumph in the Champions League

Manchester City will face Inter Milan in the final of the Champions League. This game presents an opportunity for Manchester City to cap off their successful season, having already secured both the Premier League and FA Cup titles. Winning the Champions League would complete a remarkable treble for them.

From an Arsenal perspective, it is never enjoyable to see any team other than the Gunners winning trophies, as is the nature of competitive sport. However, there are several factors that might make it somewhat easier for Arsenal fans to accept their title rivals lifting their third trophy of the season, and they might even secretly be okay with it.

SportsDias explores three reasons why Arsenal might actually hope that Manchester City emerge as European champions. These reasons include the possibility of a managerial departure at City and a sense of indifference towards the outcome of the final.

The unique ‘Invincibles’ achievement

It is true that only one team, Arsenal, has achieved the remarkable feat of winning the Premier League without losing a single game. On the other hand, Manchester United has their own unique accomplishment, which is winning the treble.

There might be a certain level of bitterness or saltiness involved, but for Arsenal fans, witnessing their old rivals lose the special distinction that comes with being the sole club to complete an undefeated season will bring a sense of enjoyment. 

It is particularly satisfying because it’s not a club like Liverpool or Chelsea who are matching this feat. Instead, it is Manchester United’s city rivals, Manchester City, who have managed to reach the same milestone after just over a decade of significant investment from their new owners. 

This will undoubtedly be a frustrating experience for Manchester United and their supporters.

The neutrality of Manchester City

I understand that you don’t harbor particularly negative feelings when Manchester City win trophies.

 While there may have been some implications this season in the Premier League as Arsenal competed against City for the title, when it comes to other competitions like the FA Cup, League Cup, and potentially completing a treble with the Champions League, it’s challenging to feel strong animosity towards their success. 

There may be a sense of envy, but considering the manner in which Manchester City has achieved their goals and the absence of supporters from rival clubs rubbing it in within social circles, their triumphs are more tolerable compared to those of other prominent clubs.

A step closer to Pep Guardiola’s departure

Pep Guardiola, despite his immense success as a manager, has faced a prolonged drought in winning the Champions League. It is somewhat surprising that his most recent triumph in this competition came not with Manchester City, nor with his Bayern Munich team, but during his time as the manager of Barcelona in the 2010/11 season, following their victory in 2008/09.

Guardiola’s desire to conquer the Champions League has been evident, and his bond with Manchester City has arguably grown stronger than during his tenure in Catalonia. 

He has aimed to solidify his legacy with the club in the northwest of England by capturing the prestigious title. Perhaps achieving this feat brings him a step closer to considering an exit from his current position.

For Arsenal, who are seen as one of City’s primary rivals for the title, they will undoubtedly be hoping that Guardiola’s pursuit of Champions League success leads to his departure. 

However, there remains the possibility that Guardiola, known for his ambitious nature, might even contemplate a seemingly audacious attempt at winning the quadruple, challenging for all major trophies simultaneously.

Three Unexpected Reasons Arsenal Root for Manchester City’s Triumph in the Champions League

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