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Thomas Tuchel explains exactly why Chelsea are so far behind Liverpool and Man City

Thomas Tuchel explains exactly why Chelsea are so far behind Liverpool and Man City

Thomas Tuchel admitted that Chelsea haven’t closed the gap on Manchester City and Liverpool as quickly as many thought after winning the European Cup last season.

Chelsea are 15 points behind Pep Guardiola’s leaders and 14 points behind Jurgen Klopp’s second-placed club, but Blues manager thinks there is no shame in finishing in the top four and securing a place in next season’s Champions League.

Tuchel said: “We tried hard to close the gap I could say that I tried everything and I would say that everybody in the building tried everything, the players as well, but there is room for improvement.

“The gap is big, but we are competing with maybe the two most successful teams that ever played in this league, so the stakes are high. Given the last two defeats at home, the gap is bigger than it should be and before that it was bigger than it should be. But that was due to circumstances, not due to our effort or quality or whatever.

“The effort is there, the ambition is there and it’s no problem to be ambitious but maybe not reach it. It would not suit us if we played it down and told everyone before the season that we would open a box of champagne if we were fourth.

“We tried, we tried hard at some points, to get over the gap, but we have seen now dramatically in the last two games against Brentford and Arsenal why the gap is that big to City and Liverpool.

“They don’t have these matches in their season. We are ninth in the home table, we conceded late goals against Burnley and Everton, and these were absolutely games where we dominated and had big chances but struggled to convert our chances and from that the gap was growing.

“Now we have to be the best we can be and we will be ready for a good fight from next season on. But we don’t feel ashamed and we should not feel ashamed and we should not feel disappointed because in general it is very tough to end up in the top four and from there we try to compete.”

Tuchel is aware that the two teams above Chelsea have exhibited consistency that his team does not yet possess. He continued, saying:

“Of course, I saw the match between Liverpool and Manchester United. They looked incredibly fresh and incredibly strong and made their point. Manchester City won their home game again.

“That is why there is the difference — they are relentless in their results and they don’t allow much. We are more fragile at the moment. When we play against Liverpool in all the games since I’ve been here the gap is very, very close and we give them a hard time.

“It is the consistency in the performance. If you look at the individual performances and the goalscorers and the assists at the top of the league you find a lot of the Liverpool players who are at the top of everything. We struggle to have these kind of numbers.

” We are on it, we want to score as many goals as possible. We scored six against Southampton. We scored three at the Bernabeu. It was difficult to score against Crystal Palace. We all wish for quick games and quick decisions and for quick goals, but it’s tough.”


Thomas Tuchel explains exactly why Chelsea are so far behind Liverpool and Man City

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