‘The weakest player’: Alan Pardew claims Arsenal 24-year-old ‘definitely struggling’ now

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‘The weakest player’: Alan Pardew claims Arsenal 24-year-old ‘definitely struggling’ now

Alan Pardew, speaking on talkSPORT (September 3, 2023, at 7:32 pm), expressed his views on Kai Havertz’s performance in Arsenal’s recent Premier League match against Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium. 

Pardew described Havertz as the least effective player in the Arsenal lineup during the game. 

The 24-year-old, who can play as a forward or attacking midfielder, was in the starting lineup but struggled to make a significant impact and missed what appeared to be a straightforward scoring opportunity. 

Ultimately, Arsenal emerged victorious with a 3-1 win over United. Pardew also criticized Havertz for his role in allowing Marcus Rashford to score a goal for Manchester United in the 27th minute.

Alan Pardew on Kai Havertz for Arsenal vs Manchester United

Pardew said: “It was a poor pass, wasn’t it? Havertz is definitely struggling a little bit.

“He had a miscue as well, didn’t he, right in front of goal, about 10, 12 minutes in? He is just not having those moments.”

The pundit added: “Of the Arsenal team today, he was probably the weakest player I would say in terms of the performance level.”

We believe that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta should consider removing Kai Havertz from the starting lineup following the international break. Currently, Havertz is struggling to find his form in the midfield for the Gunners. This issue can be attributed to the fact that Havertz is not being deployed in his preferred position.

The presence of Martin Odegaard as the playmaker in the number 10 role is a fixture in the team, and rightfully so. This setup is unlikely to change in the near future, nor should it. While Arsenal did secure a victory against United, it’s essential to remember that they had to rely on two late goals to achieve that win.

To compete effectively, Arsenal needs all 11 players on the pitch from the start of the match to make a substantial impact.

‘The weakest player’: Alan Pardew claims Arsenal 24-year-old ‘definitely struggling’ now

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