Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The truth about Cody Gakpo and Mohammed Kudus is clear if Liverpool were to pursue a transfer

The truth about Cody Gakpo and Mohammed Kudus is clear if Liverpool were to pursue a transfer

It is just not Liverpool’s approach to sign players only on the basis of their World Cup performance.

The Reds’ recruitment process is too methodical — too precise — to be affected by three or four exceptional performances at the international level.

Consequently, gone are the days when a player like El Hadji Diouf could secure a transfer to Anfield after a single impressive tournament. 

However, despite the fact that Liverpool will not use the World Cup as the primary indicator of a player’s quality, a strong performance in Qatar is unlikely to undermine their reputation among recruitment personnel.

Consequently, it is reasonable to assume that both Cody Gakpo and Mohammed Kudus have enhanced their reputations at Kirkby over the past two weeks.

In the case of Gakpo, his World Cup goals are bolstered by a remarkable performance for PSV during the last two Eredivisie seasons.

And despite the fact that Kudus is only in the midst of his first full season as a regular starter for Ajax (he nearly secured a summer transfer to Everton in search of more playing time), he has scored just as frequently in the Champions League this season, including a brilliant finish against Liverpool at Anfield.

Unfortunately, there are other clubs that are considerably more susceptible to similar tournaments than Liverpool, so the happenings in Qatar could still have an impact on the Reds.

The assumption is that goals scored by Gakpo and Kudus (the Dutchman could still add more goals with his country still in the competition) would increase the asking price of both players in the eyes of potential suitors, creating a situation that selling teams will aim to capitalize on.

This risks Liverpool’s in-house valuation being exceeded to the point where any initial interest is not pursued further, since their obstinacy on this front has been repeatedly demonstrated.

Consequently, although the Reds may reject the notion that a World Cup should determine a player’s value, the nature of football means that a player’s performance in an international tournament may have a significant impact on their transfer intentions.

If they were interested in Gakpo or Kudus after the World Cup, their price — and, more importantly, the amount that other teams would now be willing to pay — will have increased.

If Liverpool were truly interested in signing either player in January or beyond, they would almost probably face increased competition.

The truth about Cody Gakpo and Mohammed Kudus is clear if Liverpool were to pursue a transfer

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