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The Butcher: Lisandro Martinez clarifies the origins behind nickname

The Butcher: Lisandro Martinez clarifies the origins behind nickname

Lisandro Martinez has emerged as Manchester United’s top-performing defender this season, which has endeared him to the club’s supporters.

The Argentine international is expected to make a comeback in the team’s upcoming Premier League match against Leicester City on Sunday, after having missed the game against Barcelona on Thursday. This is considered to be a significant boost for Erik ten Hag’s team.

Despite being only 5’9″, Martinez was expected to fail in the Premier League, according to former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, who has now been proven wrong.

Martinez has gained a reputation for his impressive defensive skills, and he even won a World Cup with Argentina in December. In both Argentina and Amsterdam, Martinez is referred to as The Butcher.

During a recent interview, Martinez provided some insight into the origin of his nickname and admitted that he was not entirely sure why he was given such a moniker, although it is widely speculated as to why he received it.

“I don’t even remember who gave me the nickname,” Martinez told the Mirror. “It must be because I’m aggressive in the way I play my game. I did once make a vacuum (a cut of Argentine beef) in my house, so in one way the nickname suits me! But the truth is that I do go to each challenge like it is going to be my last one.”

Martinez also mentioned how he has enhanced his playing style, particularly as a center-back who is skilled at playing with the ball.

“Having said that, I have greatly improved the way I read the game and how to make decisions. I have also grown in the way I pass the ball. And I want to continue improving absolutely everything.

“There is no limit for me. But if I want to go higher, I have to work for it – and that will always be the reality.”

The Butcher: Lisandro Martinez clarifies the origins behind nickname

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