Supercomputer, Joe Cole and pundits disagree on Chelsea vs Real Madrid prediction with big call

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Supercomputer, Joe Cole and pundits disagree on Chelsea vs Real Madrid prediction with big call

Both Joe Cole and Gary Cahill are of the opinion that Chelsea still has a chance to achieve a remarkable comeback against Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday, despite the odds being against them.

 In the first leg, Chelsea lost 2-0 to a Los Blancos team that did not perform to their full potential. For Frank Lampard, the caretaker boss, it is crucial that Chelsea scores at least two goals and secures their first win under his leadership. 

However, even this may not be enough as Madrid has a comfortable lead heading into London. With three losses in a row and a team that is not playing well together, the task ahead is enormous. Nevertheless, Cole believes that all is not yet lost.

“It’s not over. It was a hard night and the moments went to Real but they’re the champions and an outstanding team,” Cole told BT Sport after the first leg.

“Chelsea came here and there were some first half moments with good chances, and the positive is they’re still in it and they showed character, heart and fight to stay in there and dig in. This is the hardest place to come to in European football.”

Despite Glenn Hoddle’s prediction that Chelsea must win against Brighton to keep their hopes alive, which they failed to do in a 2-1 loss, there are still some believers in the club. 

Gary Cahill, one of the heroes from Chelsea’s 2012 triumph, is cautiously optimistic that the team can make things difficult for Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid. However, after the recent defeat, the team’s confidence is at an all-time low.

 He told “There’s enough in the squad to go on and do well, better than they’re doing well in the league for sure but they can turn the tie around.

“We’re talking about Real Madrid here. They’re unbelievable in the competition and unbelievable in managing the game and playing with experience, they’ve got bundles of it.

“It’s going to be an uphill task but the European nights at Stamford Bridge are special and they’ve got the added bit of spice and extra volume. They need the first goal. That’s key; then I think you’ll really see the atmosphere kick in at Stamford Bridge.”

Cahill also said: “The Madrid team is obviously very settled. But I think there are numerous players of Chelsea, when they’re in form, that could get in there.

“Having said that, they’re a fantastic team and the players Benzema and Vinicius Junior at the two to keep an eye on, two unbelievable players. The fact that the likes of Kroos and Modric are still pulling strings in the midfield, it’s incredible and they’ve had such good careers.

“The first leg, with the sending off and to come away with 2-0, we’ve been at Stamford Bridge before on nights like this and the atmosphere, if Chelsea can get a first goal it will be electric inside that stadium. And it’s been done before, in terms of turning ties around like in 2012 when we went with that, so it’s up to them again.”

According to the predictions made by BonusCodeBets supercomputer, the chances of Chelsea making it through are quite low, with only a 12.5% probability of progression. This is disappointing news for fans of the Blues.

“Chelsea won’t produce a comeback of dreams at Stamford Bridge with European kings, Real Madrid, showing their class once again on the big stage,” a spokesperson said.

Indeed, the task ahead of Chelsea may seem like a mountain to climb, but as long as there is hope, there is always a chance for a remarkable comeback. Despite the low probability of success, the unpredictability of football means that anything can happen on the day. 

Chelsea will need to remain determined and give their all if they are to have any chance of progressing to the next stage.

Supercomputer, Joe Cole and pundits disagree on Chelsea vs Real Madrid prediction with big call

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