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Spurs player announces he will ‘leave for free’ if not offered a new contract 

Spurs player announces he will ‘leave for free’ if not offered a new contract 

Lucas Moura disclosed that, if not offered a new contract by Tottenham Hotspur, he may seek to play out his current agreement.

The Brazilian transferred from Paris Saint-Germain to north London for £23 million in January 2018, becoming Tottenham’s first winter signing since 2015.

Moura’s current contract is slated to end in the summer of 2024 (transfermarkt), and he believes he still has a lot to give at the age of 30 by playing at a high level and striving to win a trophy with Tottenham this season.

The winger has endured a challenging season after being forced to miss 10 matches (transfermarkt) in all competitions owing to a tendinitis issue. He has played despite discomfort to keep himself accessible when Richarlison and Dejan Kulusevski have been out (Daily Mail).

He told Flow Sport Club: “Man, my plan, to be honest, I want to play football and I want to be in a club that allows me to play at a high level, play in a good league, play at a good level. That’s my plan. I still have a lot of firewood to burn, I’m 30 years old, so I’m very young,”

“So my thought is to finish this season with Tottenham, try to win a title this season and, free of contract, sit down with my family and listen to the offers that will appear. That’s when you analyse everything: country, club, financial side. It’s analysing everything. And then make the best decision. That’s my thought. But now I’m very calm there.”

He emphasized his willingness to continue at Tottenham, saying, ‘If Tottenham want to renew, cool too, a club I like a lot, I’m adapted. Let’s see, let’s hear the renewal proposal.”

“If they don’t want to, I’ll leave for free, and being free, of course, more proposals appear. So it’s a matter of analysing and seeing what we decide.”

While a return to former club So Paulo is on Moura’s bucket list for the future, he hinted that a transfer back to Brazil may not be his next step.

“And there’s the possibility of returning to Brazil. It’s difficult, I’ve always said that I want to go back to the São Paulo, which is the club I love. I never stipulated any deadline, and I said that I wanted to stay at least 10 years in Europe, since when I left Sao Paulo my thought was to stay at least 10 years in Europe, whatever happens.

“Playing in Europe, high level, Champions League. After that time, let’s see what will happen. Let’s see what comes up, let’s see my situation, my moment, the offers that will appear, and let’s decide.”

Spurs player announces he will ‘leave for free’ if not offered a new contract 

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