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Spurs News: Pochettino return predicted as Conte wants ‘time and patience’ following Newcastle defeat 

Spurs News: Pochettino return predicted as Conte wants ‘time and patience’ following Newcastle defeat 

Antonio Conte has pleaded for patience and transfer activity following a 2-1 loss to Newcastle, but Mauricio Pochettino may be looming over him.

Newcastle won at St James Park thanks to goals from Callum Wilson and Miguel Almiron; Harry Kane’s second-half goal was merely a consolation.

This is the second consecutive loss for Conte’s Tottenham, who were completely dominated by Manchester United in a 2-0 defeat that could have been worse last week.

Despite a difficult October, the north London club remains third in the Premier League table, but they are now five points behind the league leaders despite having played one more game.

Conte, a five-time league-winning manager in England and Italy, joined the club in November of 2017 and reaffirmed his belief that the rebuilding process will take time.

When asked about the outcome of the game, he responded, “It means that we need time, patience.

“I spoke about two, three transfer windows before, these were my words before, not now to twist words or find an excuse after a defeat.

“I have the experience to understand the way that we have to follow, it can happen that you can lose a game against Newcastle today and I don’t have anything to complain about with my players for the commitment for the behaviour, for the desire what I have seen tonight.”

Spurs fan and former Crystal Palace and Newcastle player Darren Ambrose agrees with his club’s manager that patience is required, despite a talkSPORT caller’s opinion that Antonio Conte has stayed at the club long enough.

“Third in the Premier League, Spurs are,” he explained. “Lost three games this season, lost to Arsenal who are top of the league, to Manchester United who are clicking and finally playing well and it was the worst performance Spurs have had this season.

“Lost to Newcastle who no one knows what Newcastle are going to do this season, they’ve only lost one game – to Liverpool – in the 98th minute.

“They’re the three teams that Spurs have lost to, Conte has already said they haven’t got the quality to win the Premier League, no one’s saying they’re going to win the Premier League.

“We want to see them get as close as they can to winning the Premier League but it’s a low at the moment, losing two games on the bounce, but to come on and call one of your best managers, if not your best manager, to go because he’s lost a couple, absolutely not.

“You’ve got to back Conte, you’ve got to give him an extra two maybe three transfer windows which is what he’s calling for.

“If he goes then fine berate him as much as you want because he would have let Tottenham down but give him windows, allow him to change players he doesn’t like.

“We need to give him an opportunity to change that, he’s had two transfer windows, got in [Rodrigo] Bentancur and [Dejan] Kulusevski which have been fantastic signings and this summer has brought in a lot of players to improve the squad, he needs time, you can’t be calling him out because a couple of bad games.”

Alex Crook, a fellow talkSPORT host and transfer expert, had different ideas.

Conte’s return to Juventus was rumored earlier this year, and those rumors have resurfaced as Massimiliano Allegri’s Italian side has been a complete mess this season.

And it comes at a time when former Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has ruled himself out of the Aston Villa position as he awaits a promotion…

“Can I make a little prediction?” Crook began. “I’m going to look into my crystal ball and tell you what happens at Tottenham in the future.

“Antonio Conte is yet to commit to a new contract. Juventus – Max Allegri is bang under pressure.

“Conte goes back to Juventus, Mauricio Pochettino, wanted by Aston Villa, distances himself because he’s waiting for something bigger, back to Tottenham.

“That is what’s going to happen, you mark my words, you heard it here first.”

Antonio Conte’s ‘clueless tactics’.

Ramon Vega, a former defender, has suggested that Antonio Conte’s tenure at Tottenham Hotspur could end if he continues to employ “clueless tactics.”

Hugo Lloris’ errors proved to be costly once again, as he was responsible for the game’s opening goal and played a crucial role in Newcastle’s second goal, as Miguel Almiron capitalized on his poor kick.

Vega is dissatisfied with the current tactics employed by Conte and has expressed his displeasure.

He wrote on Twitter: Correction: If it goes like this Conte’s days are “numbered “with these clueless tactics! Very disappointing.


Spurs News: Pochettino return predicted as Conte wants ‘time and patience’ following Newcastle defeat 

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