‘So smart’: Kevin De Bruyne jokes Man City teammate can play in about 19 different positions

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‘So smart’: Kevin De Bruyne jokes Man City teammate can play in about 19 different positions

Kevin De Bruyne praised his Manchester City colleague, Bernardo Silva, and humorously remarked that Silva is capable of playing in approximately 19 various positions.

 De Bruyne made this comment while participating in a video shoot with the club’s media team, discussing players who have provided him with assists throughout his tenure at City.

During a video session, Kevin De Bruyne was presented with numerous goal clips from his time at Manchester City. The task at hand was for De Bruyne to identify the teammate who provided him with the assist for each goal, while the player’s identity was concealed by the club’s social media team. 

De Bruyne showcased his exceptional memory by successfully guessing the assisting player for all 10 clips he watched. Among the clips shown was a goal from the previous season’s match against Wolves at Molineux.

On that particular evening, Kevin De Bruyne delivered a standout performance in a Manchester City jersey, arguably one of his finest displays to date. He showcased his goal-scoring prowess by netting four times for the visiting team, with three of those goals being scored using his left foot.

The first goal of the match was set up by Bernardo Silva, who skillfully played a through pass to De Bruyne along the left flank of the penalty area. De Bruyne wasted no time and struck the ball across the goalkeeper, Jose Sa, finding the bottom far corner of the net.

It was an exceptional goal, made possible by the remarkable vision and creativity of the Portuguese maestro, Bernardo Silva.

De Bruyne was told that that was one of six assists Bernardo has made for him during his time with City, and on the 28-year-old he said: “Bernardo is so smart, isn’t he? His understand of the football game is unbelievable. He plays about 19 different positions, even though there’s only 11 available so. Yeah, he’s so, so good.”

At present, the future of Bernardo Silva remains uncertain. Despite his impressive performance throughout the season at Manchester City, there continues to be speculation surrounding his next career move.

 Various reports have linked him to top European clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, further fueling the uncertainty surrounding his future.

Bernardo Silva is a world-class player that Manchester City need to keep, as Kevin De Bruyne sings star’s praises

It is indeed refreshing to hear Kevin De Bruyne speak so highly of Bernardo Silva, emphasizing his immense admiration for his teammate. 

This admiration is well-deserved, as Bernardo Silva has established himself as a world-class player over a considerable period of time. 

Recently, Gary Neville went as far as describing him as “amazing,” and even drew comparisons to Manchester City legend David Silva, suggesting that Bernardo is now reaching a similar level.

As De Bruyne himself acknowledges, Bernardo possesses an exceptional level of in-game intelligence. His understanding of football is truly remarkable, and he often makes the game appear effortless with his skill and decision-making on the field. Bernardo Silva’s ability to grasp the nuances of the sport contributes to his overall brilliance as a player.

Regardless of the position Bernardo Silva is deployed in, he consistently delivers outstanding performances. His versatility and commitment ensure that he consistently produces top-level displays on the field.

While uncertainty surrounds his future, there is a possibility that he may depart the club during the upcoming summer transfer window. However, it is hoped that Manchester City will do their best to retain his services. It is worth noting that the club has historically allowed players who have provided significant contributions and expressed a desire to leave to pursue new opportunities.

Ultimately, the decision regarding Bernardo Silva’s future will depend on various factors, including the player’s own wishes and the negotiations between the involved parties.

‘So smart’: Kevin De Bruyne jokes Man City teammate can play in about 19 different positions

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