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“Shut his mouth” – Pedro Porro brutally answers former Tottenham manager’s criticism

“Shut his mouth” – Pedro Porro brutally answers former Tottenham manager’s criticism

Pedro Porro has given a harsh response to Tim Sherwood’s past criticism of him.

 Porro, who was signed from Sporting Lisbon for a loan fee of £5m with a commitment to purchase for £39m in the summer after extended negotiations, made his debut against Leicester City, but did not play his best.

 This prompted former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood, who was working as a pundit for Sky Sports, to criticize Porro’s debut performance severely.

In his role as a pundit on Sky Sports, he teared into the debutant for his display. He said: “I don’t want to keep picking on the kid but he needs to be relieved of his duties at the moment.

“I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because it’s his debut but Pedro Porro is so bad it’s unbelievable.

“His positioning is disgusting, Barnes and Maddison are destroying him down the left hand side. He’s just ran inside him, he hasn’t even seen him, he gets the ball played in and lets him run inside him.”

The new full-back received severe criticism in the comments despite the fact that it is usual for players to take some time to adjust to the physicality of the league when they join a new club in that league.

Porro has been making consistent efforts both on and off the field to enhance his performance and adapt to the league. He is taking English lessons to improve his communication skills in addition to his on-field training.

These efforts are paying off as he has been performing incredibly well for Spurs in recent games. He scored a remarkable goal against Southampton, which was his first for the club, and provided his first assist to Kane against Nottingham Forest in the previous week.

Furthermore, Porro responded to Tim Sherwood’s criticism by saying that his performances have made Sherwood “shut his mouth”.

In an interview with The Guardian, Porro gave a response to Sherwood’s remarks.

“It doesn’t annoy me, exactly. You know people will have their opinion, they’re going to say you played badly, that you’re no good or whatever. You try not to even notice, but it’s impossible.”

“I really hope he keeps saying bad things about me that will make me stronger. But it’s true that it made an impression because I had been at a big club for so little time and well… Let me loose in a prison and I’ll end up owning the place.”

“It’s a couple of days, I start against Leicester. What do you want? For me to score five and cut out 70 balls?!

“Anyone can have a bad day. From there, I just keep on: take English classes, get into the group, adapt.”

“For me, it makes no difference. I don’t know him. I don’t know what had happened for him to speak.

“People passed it on, saying he had spoken badly about me. But he won’t be the first who then had to shut his mouth.”

Porro has managed to impress with his response and his performance on the field has proven his critics wrong. 

His ability to pose a threat from the right side has been well received by the team and Tottenham Hotspur would be optimistic that he can maintain this level of performance for the remainder of the season.

“Shut his mouth” – Pedro Porro brutally answers former Tottenham manager’s criticism

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