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Roy Keane rips into ’embarrassing’ Harry Maguire and labels Man Utd star ‘disgraceful’

Roy Keane rips into ’embarrassing’ Harry Maguire and labels Man Utd star ‘disgraceful’

Roy Keane has slammed Manchester United defender Harry Maguire for cupping his ears after scoring in England’s World Cup qualifying match against Albania.

The star has been chastised for a string of poor performances for Manchester United in recent weeks.

Maguire scored England’s first goal, and the team went on to score four more goals against Albania to take a 5-0 lead into the break.

However, Keane, along with fellow ITV pundits Ian Wright and Jermaine Defoe, slammed Maguire’s celebration, which appeared to be directed at those who had criticized him following his poor form for United this season.

“He puts his hands to his ears like he’s shutting his critics up… it’s embarrassing,” said Keane.

“He’s been a disgrace last few months for Manchester United, he scores and he thinks he’s going to shut his critics up, it’s embarrassing.

Wright agreed with Keane and insisted that the United star had made a mistake by reacting in such a way.

“You just don’t need to do it,” said Wright.

“It’s something I probably would have done, but you don’t need to do that because you’ve got a lot of football still to play.

“Don’t give them the opportunity to say ‘right, we’ve got to him’.

“Just play your game, Harry.”

Defoe chimed in with a similar viewpoint.

“Yeah you don’t need to do it,” added Defoe.

“He’s scored the goal, it’s a good goal, but you don’t need to do that.

“What it does is puts a sour taste in people’s mouths, they don’t like that, it gives people the opportunity to wait for that bad performance again and have a go at him.”

Despite playing for England during their heroic run to the Euro 2020 final last summer, Maguire has struggled at United this season.

The defender has looked sluggish, and he was slammed again by fans after apologizing on social media following United’s derby day defeat last week.

Despite Maguire’s struggles at United, England manager Gareth Southgate vehemently defended him ahead of the game.

Speaking to talkSPORT, he said: “Harry hasn’t ducked an interview, ducked an appearance and he’s a strong man.

“Clearly the club have had some difficult results but, again, this week is an opportunity for him to have a different focus, different team-mates around him, refresh.

“With us – and I can only talk about with us – he knows his role, he’s surrounded by good players

“He’s one of a number of leaders so he hasn’t got to be leading everything.”


Roy Keane rips into ’embarrassing’ Harry Maguire and labels Man Utd star ‘disgraceful’

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