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Ronaldo sends message to Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus after World Cup-ending injury

Ronaldo sends message to Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus after World Cup-ending injury

Gabriel Jesus’ World Cup participation in 2022 has regrettably ended.

Jesus sustained a knee injury in Brazil’s final group stage encounter against Cameroon, which regrettably necessitated surgery.

Jesus has already undergone surgery and will now begin a recovery program, according to a statement released by Arsenal on Tuesday.

“Everyone at the club is supporting Gabby and will be working hard to get him back on the pitch as soon as possible,” part of it read, with no timeframe put on the player’s return as of yet.

Given the severity of the injury, it is highly likely that Jesus will miss a number of months, which is a major setback for Mikel Arteta’s Premier League title contender.

Eddie Nketiah must now fill the significant vacuum left by the former Manchester City striker when domestic football resumes at the end of the month.

The injury has come at a terrible time for Jesus. Despite the fact that he has scored only five goals since joining Arsenal in the summer, the Brazilian’s impact has been nothing short of astounding.

He may have potentially had a substantial impact on Brazil’s 2022 World Cup campaign, but his time in Qatar has ended prematurely.

Given the challenging circumstances in which Jesus currently finds himself, his close friend and Brazil star Ronaldo Nazario has taken to Instagram to express his fervent support.

Ronaldo posted a strong message to his 25.5 million fans on the social networking platform, one that we are confident Jesus would much value.

The former Barcelona and Real Madrid star wrote: “Criticism can either be constructive or destructive in one’s life. Words have the power to lift up and tear down—sometimes the same ones that boost one discourage another.

“Therefore, it is important to be careful what we say, but – above all – what we listen to. Because we can’t control what others will say – and we live in dark times of normalization of hate speech – but we can filter what comes in our ears.

“Let your self-image, @dejesusoficial, not be based on what others say. May you never forget where you came from because that boy who had the dream of being a player didn’t take an easy path, full of opportunities and privileges.

“That boy did the impossible, the “impossible”, the extraordinary. He left the Peri Garden to conquer the world. He won several titles, was scorer, Copa America champion (decisive in the first achievement of the Tite era), Olympic champion (fundamental in Brazil’s unreleased gold) – all this very new.

“He’s the Brazilian with the highest averaging goals in Premier League history. While many insist on comparing trajectories to disqualify an athlete, I’m here today to remind you that your story is unique. You came to the National Team with a lot of merit and I hope you still shine bright with your football.

“May you overcome what needs to be overcome, may you face what needs to be faced, may you continue to believe in your dreams because they are the ones who brought you here. Get well soon, crackhead!”

It’s the type of message that will make Jesus yearn for a return in an Arsenal and Brazil jersey.

Since making his Seleço debut in 2016, Jesus has appeared in 59 games and scored 19 goals, including one in the 2019 Copa America final against Peru.

Ronaldo sends message to Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus after World Cup-ending injury

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