Rio Ferdinand discloses “dramatic” change at Man Utd training ground after visit

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Rio Ferdinand discloses “dramatic” change at Man Utd training ground after visit

According to Rio Ferdinand, the atmosphere at Manchester United’s training center has undergone a significant transformation.

 During a visit to Carrington to interview Bruno Fernandes on Monday, the former United defender spoke with players and staff and explored the building’s corridors. 

Ferdinand was impressed by the positivity he observed, which he believes is a significant departure from previous visits to the training ground. 

Having experienced some difficult times as a United fan, Ferdinand feels that the team’s current state of mind is a refreshing change. 

While several managers have failed to generate the same level of excitement as Erik ten Hag, the former England centre-back had a unique opportunity to observe things up close.

The recent positive developments at Manchester United’s training center are reflected in the team’s on-field success under the leadership of Erik ten Hag. 

United are currently competing for four different trophies and hold the third spot in the Premier League. Additionally, the Dutch coach has managed to bring out the best in Marcus Rashford, who is having his best-ever scoring season for the club.

 These achievements suggest that the team’s training base is providing a supportive and productive environment, given the amount of time United spends there.

“The vibes at Carrington and Old Trafford have changed dramatically,” Ferdinand said on his YouTube show, FIVE.

“It’s become more positive, the ambience in the place. The cafeteria has even changed. It’s like everything has changed. Looks different, feels different, food’s different. The feeling when you walk in, I’ve had very negative vibes [in the past] when I’ve walked through the corridors of the training ground.

“I was on my own, walking back out through the training ground, through the corridors, and I stood there and just smiled. I can sense something happening in here now. I don’t what it is or where it’s going to but the ambience is very different. There’s a confidence in the place.

“And the confidence isn’t about the players alone, it’s the staff. I can sense something with the staff. They’re more upbeat, happy to be in at work every day. And that’s all been generated and created by Erik ten Hag and his management team and some people behind the scenes, because there’s not one person who can change the whole culture of a football club – it’s a collaborative approach.

“It’s the right path right now and given they’re in the running for four trophies still, not that I think they’ll win four. It’s nice to go to Carrington and Old Trafford and feel more optimistic than negative.”

He added: “The vibe when they’re out training, doing the rondos, there’s a different energy that I haven’t seen for a while, not that I’ve been there loads.

Tweeting about his trip on Monday, Ferdinand said: “Good being back at Carrington today…Great to see Kath – 56yrs at the club & still going strong!”

Rio Ferdinand discloses “dramatic” change at Man Utd training ground after visit

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