PSG lose MILLION Instagram followers following Lionel Messi’s final game

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PSG lose MILLION Instagram followers following Lionel Messi’s final game

Following Lionel Messi’s departure from Paris Saint-Germain, the club has witnessed a decline of one million followers on their Instagram account.

Messi had been part of the team for two years, during which PSG secured two consecutive French titles.

However, the final season was marred by fan dissatisfaction, evident when the Argentine was jeered while accepting his winner’s medal on Saturday night.

Currently, Lionel Messi is set to leave Paris Saint-Germain, and there are speculations about his next potential destinations, including a return to Barcelona or a move to Saudi Arabia.

PSG has already acknowledged Messi’s departure, and it seems that the club is already experiencing the impact of losing such a prominent superstar. This was evident as the announcement coincided with PSG’s defeat to Clermont on Saturday.

PSG’s Instagram account has been the source of this information, as their following on the platform has decreased by one million. Prior to the Clermont game, the club had a follower count of 69.9 million.

However, following the match, the number dropped to 68.9 million. The decline in followers coincided with Messi receiving a hostile farewell from the home crowd.

The individuals who expressed their dissatisfaction with boos were criticized by manager Christophe Galtier, who himself seems to be on his way out of PSG.

“Concerning Leo, I find that the whistles were very harsh. Like the season, there have been good periods, and less good periods. Maybe in a few weeks, I will find the origin of Leo’s treatment, because he has always been well-behaved,” Galtier said.

“He is the greatest player in the history of football. He has impressive statistics, in a season where he played a lot. Leo had a great season. I dare to hope that people will analyze it coldly, with a little more lucidity.

“I reserve my analyses for my management, my president–any experience is enriching. Coaching is a tough job. When I arrived in Paris, someone told me: ‘The higher you are, the stronger the blows.’

“The second part of the season was very difficult. Sometimes, lightning fell on me, but I finish this season with a lot of pride. After that season, I am now another man and another coach.”

Messi was given a nice farewell by fellow superstar Neymar, who paid tribute to the World Cup winner. The Brazilian wrote on Instagram: “Brother… it didn’t turn out as we thought but we tried everything. It was a pleasure to share 2 more years with you. Good luck in your new stage and be happy. I love you.”

Messi responded warmly to Neymar’s message, expressing his emotions and sentiments toward his former teammate. In his reply, Messi conveyed his heartfelt wishes to Neymar for his future endeavors, acknowledging that the Brazilian’s own future at PSG remains uncertain.

Messi wrote: “Thanks Ney! Beyond all that remains, that we enjoyed playing together and sharing the day to day. I wish you all the best. You’re a beautiful person and that’s all that matters at the end. I love you so much.”

PSG lose MILLION Instagram followers following Lionel Messi’s final game

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