Premier League top 10 attacking midfielders of the season.

Premier League top 10 attacking midfielders of the season

10) Jesse Lingard

Premier League top 10 attacking midfielders of the season

The United player had a career-saving, joy-filled half-season at West Ham deserving of inclusion. He proved to be the final piece of the mystery to thrust West Ham into Europe and his nine goals and five assists from 16 matches was as close to Kane’s levels of output as anyone could handle

9) Raphinha

Premier League top 10 attacking midfielders of the season

No player was more typical of the whole pleasure and chaos of Leeds than Raphinha. Of course, that success has raised him into the level of player alongside Jack Grealish and Kane who must be regularly linked with a move to a Big Club by a media that has spent the last few days lamenting the point that the four richest clubs finished in the top four once again.

8) Harvey Barnes

Premier League top 10 attacking midfielders of the season

Incredible when he was playing, yet looked even more beneficial when he wasn’t.

Leicester were never really the same after his injury, even after Maddison returned from his own. Barnes was definitely flying before he was sidelined against Arsenal, having racked up six goals and three assists in his previous 11 appearances.

Despite serious competition, he would have been hovering up this list and very nearly as significant in the England team and most likely the Champions League were it not for that knee knock.

7) Phil Foden

Premier League top 10 attacking midfielders of the season

Don’t want to elaborate or get over-excited or luxuriate in unnecessary hyperbole but he’s going to be the best player in the world, isn’t he? The utter absurdity of a player.

6) Mason Mount

Premier League top 10 attacking midfielders of the season

A season to win over the skeptics. Gareth Southgate was right about him. Frank Lampard was right about him. A lot of other people were wrong about him.
This was an extraordinary projection. Anyway, where were we? Oh, yeah. Mason Mount: immeasurable at football. Point.


5) Mohamed Salah

Where does one draw the boundary connecting attacking midfielder and striker?

Have we put Salah and his 22 goals in this list completely so when we do the top 10 strikers we can regard with doubt that there is not one representative from the top four among them? I prefer not to speak.

4) Heung-min Son

Scoring 17 goals and producing 10 assists yet not excelling either list at your club is considerably something, but he apparently won’t bother too much about that.

Another remarkable season for the South Korean, and when you examine that no other club in the division had a second-top scorer with more than 12 goals it really does boggle the mind that Spurs were so very, very bad.

3) Jack Grealish

Restricted to just 26 appearances by injury yet still (joint) second only to Kane on the assist list.

Grealish an even better, more rounded, and more dangerous antagonist for the long-awaited arrival of some assistance thanks to a clever summer of business from Villa, yet even in this immensely improved side he still stood head and arms above the rest.

His own statistics are there for all to examine – 3.1 key passes per game (2nd only to De Bruyne); 2.5 dribbles per game (4th). But really the strength and uniqueness of Grealish’s particular flavor of threat is shown in how opponents handle him. Only 10 players in the whole Premier League were fouled on average two or more times per game this season. No other player was fouled more than three times a game. Grealish was fouled 4.2 times per game.

2) Kevin De Bruyne

In a non-vintage term in which he endured only 25 appearances, De Bruyne still had an assist count surpassed only by Kane and another Premier League winners’ medal.

Still sees and pulls out passes nobody else can. Still the best in the league at what he does.

1) Bruno Fernandes

One of only four players to reach double numbers for both goals and assists.
Just comparing, because it remains ridiculous) and his 29 total goal contributions were surpassed only by Kane. And unlike Kane’s escapades, Bruno’s actually mattered as Manchester United claimed the second spot.

Along with the undeniable talent and the visible results in goals and assists, Bruno also brings a drive and management to United that feels almost as valuable as anything else.
At a club where too many behind the scenes appear happy with on-field commonplaceness, Bruno burns bright with passion.

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Premier League top 10 attacking midfielders of the season.

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