Pogba accuses N’Golo Kante of being a ‘big cheater!’

Pogba accuses N’Golo Kante of being a ‘big cheater!’

Pogba accuses N'Golo Kante of being a 'big cheater!'

Kante is loved by everbody. His brilliance on the pitch saw the France World Cup winner receive a cult rank during Leicester City’s title win. His humbleness away from the pitch potray him as one of football’s good guys.

The Frenchman has been known to have dinner with a fan, went to another fan’s wedding and regardless of his publicity and wealth, he still drives a Mini.

Even his teammates after the World Cup final had to get him entangled in celebrations and hand the trophy to him because he was too low to get involved himself!

However, United and France teammate Paul Pogba has actually exposed the frightful fact about the 30-year-old…he’s actually a heavy cheater when it comes to playing games!


“He cheats a lot. A lot,” Pogba told beIN Sports.

“At card games, board games. Honestly, I’m telling the truth. He cheats. He says he doesn’t cheat, but he does. He uses cunning. He’s a smart kid, N’Golo. But it’s okay. You have to love him.”

Well at least the Manchester United midfielder did confess to loving his fellow compatriot and then affirmed that the universal truth, of Kante being loved by everyone, is spot on.

“He’s the most beloved player in the history of football,” Pogba added, “You’ve got to love him, you cannot hate him, it is not possible. He is humble, kind, professional. He will never complain, he will work.

“He’s got everything. He’s good technically, with a good passing quality, and he’s everywhere on the pitch. I even say he appears out of the ground! You don’t see him, and – poof – he’s out! He gets the ball, he has the finish. He’s everywhere.

“To have a player like that by your side, what more can you ask for?”

Kante confirmed just how unbelievable a player he is just the other week when Chelsea defeated Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final.

The former Caen player ran the show at Stamford Bridge, despite the fact he was fasting for Ramadan, an unimaginable feat.

However, he wasn’t able to help Chelsea win the FA Cup on Saturday but if the Blues are to finish in the top four and win the Champions League final in 13 days time then he will likely be essential, just as long as he doesn’t cheat.

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Pogba accuses N’Golo Kante of being a ‘big cheater!’

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