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Pep Lijnders raves about ‘pure Liverpool’ Diogo Jota

‘Pure Liverpool’: Pep Lijnders raves about ‘pure Liverpool’ Diogo Jota.

Pep Lijnders holds Diogo Jota is ‘pure Liverpool’ in a rave review of the forward. The coach is clearly a huge fan.

Diogo Jota is back with Liverpool after his holiday. It’s great to see, of course, ahead of what encourages to be a immense season.

Last year was really just a warmup in the end. Jota’s injury kept him out of the side for a while, with other injuries obstructing the side from being all it could be.

With such a great season ahead, it’s amazing to hear that Jota is already flying. That’s according to Pep Lijnders, anyway.

He’s been writing a wonderful pre-season blog for Liverpoolfc.com and Saturday’s saw Lijnders wax lyrical about Jota.


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“It’s great Diogo has joined us because you see immediately the speed he has and, at the same time, so much control over his body and the ball,” says Lijnders. “It’s frightening. He gives our front line a lot of direction and energy.

“Diogo is not a typical Portuguese winger who receives the ball in his feet and creates dis-organisation with dribbles from outside.

“Diogo is vertical, a second striker in the box, a pure Liverpool winger. He smells the goal, is technically on a high level.

“Especially with our passing game we need Diogo’s movements in behind the last line. He defends on a high level.”

It doesn’t feel like it, but we didn’t actually see all that much of the 24-year-old last year. He only seemed in 50% of the Premier League matches and started just 12.

Jota’s accomplishments were stellar, of course – he bagged nine goals in limited Premier League matches. But it all could have been so much more.

This year, however, the belief will be that Jota can kick on to yet another level and help steer the Reds towards more trophies. And that all begins in pre-season.

Jota is ‘pure Liverpool’ – that’s a hell of a quote. Lijnders is just about the player’s biggest supporter, given this is far from the first time he’s had such great things to say about him.

We don’t know about you, but we’re getting excited about what Jota could bring next season. Does he have that next level to hit and can he fit it soon? Lijnders seems to think so.

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Pep Lijnders raves about ‘pure Liverpool’ Diogo Jota

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