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Pep Guardiola refers to Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool as a “school of Red Bull” ahead of the match at Anfield


Pep Guardiola refers to Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool as a “school of Red Bull” ahead of the match at Anfield

Pep Guardiola believes the match against ‘the school of Red Bull’ on Sunday afternoon will be a no-holds-barred brawl.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola set the tone for a fireworks display at Anfield by declaring that there are no longer any secrets between two clubs at the top of their game.

Guardiola praised his opposite number, Jurgen Klopp, because he believes the Reds fight on all fronts.

And he paid tribute to the Merseysiders and their all-action style by naming them after the high-energy drink.

He said: “ Liverpool play with intensity in all senses.

“In that respect, they are a typical Jurgen team – from the school of Red Bull.

“Yeah, they are fantastic. I’ve said for many years now that they have been doing good things, like us.

“They are there all the time, they are difficult to beat. They win so many games because they’re good.

“There aren’t too many ­secrets – and that’s because they’re good.

“They’ve won the ­Champions League and the Premier League – they play all the time and they compete all the time. It doesn’t matter which competition.

“So, I admire Jurgen for that. It doesn’t matter what ­happens, they try to play their game.

“And he knows we are the same. I know what he is going to do – and he knows what I am going to do.

“Mistakes? Weak points? It doesn’t matter. We are who we are. If it’s going well, great. If it’s going badly, ­improve.

“I don’t know any other way to do it. We did it last year, it worked. So we are going to try and do it again.”

Last season, Guardiola broke an unwelcome record with a 4-1 ­victory over Liverpool, as Alisson’s errors aided the visitors to their first ­victory at Anfield in 18 years. It came right in the middle of a winning streak that had gone a long way toward helping them win the championship.

And Guardiola insists that his team’s performances at Anfield have been ­decent, despite being on the wrong side of the scoreline on a few occasions.

He said: “Apart from the match in the first season, when we lost 1-0, the rest have been really good.

“Even losing 3-0 in the ­Champions League, I knew we played perfectly well. It was ­difficult to score.

“And we showed ­incredible ­personality ­playing there. The away ­fixture at Anfield is always the toughest one.

“In the last two or three years City and ­Liverpool have been there all the time.”

Guardiola has seen and done almost everything in his time as a manager, but he says the juices will still be flowing ahead of a fixture that has become one of the most important.

“In these types of games, all of the feelings will be present – excitement, ­nervousness, ­pressure, ­emotion,” he said.

“If you don’t have that ­feeling in important games, this business is not for you.

“Maybe I won’t sleep well the night before or I won’t the night afterwards if the ­performance isn’t good. This is what the life is.

“If you treat this type of match like you’re going to the restaurant for a night out with your friends, then this job isn’t for you.”


Pep Guardiola refers to Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool as a “school of Red Bull” ahead of the match at Anfield

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