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Pep Guardiola offers a witty explanation for how Manchester City achieved record-breaking summer window sales

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Pep Guardiola offers a witty explanation for how Manchester City achieved record-breaking summer window sales

Pep Guardiola joked that Manchester City could now pay its employees’ salaries following an exceptional £60 million transfer window profit.

With the departures of Ferran Torres, Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, and Aleks Zinchenko, as well as a number of academy or City Football Group players, City have generated a profit in player trades of almost £100 million between the January and Summer transfer windows.

Guardiola could not resist making a joke about the club’s sometimes criticized finances as he outlined how a combination of events had resulted in a nice profit for the Blues this season.

When questioned if the summer demonstrates that City is about more than their spending, he also joked sarcastically that City is “just about money.”

“It’s very good. They can pay the wages now,” he smiled.

“I think the club works really well in the past, not just this year, but what happened this year happened. Southampton was interested in our academy players, taking four or five. Three important players in the past, they were acquired by Chelsea and Arsenal. Sometimes you want to do it and nobody wants our players. Sometimes in the market, it does not happen.

“So maybe we don’t have that ‘wow, we have to win and win’, because we won four Premier Leagues in five years. That’s why we are a little bit more calm. When you are two or three years without winning, the fans, the board, the media, the pressure, you have to change players and the sporting directors are spending more. Every year is different but this year happened and we sold a lot.

“Our net profit is good. It’s really good for the club because the club needs to be sustainable. A part of the people believe theories about our economy but we need to be balanced. This year and the previous one helps us to be in the perfect position for the next years and this is good.”

Guardiola was philosophical in his explanation for why so many key players have departed the club in recent months.

“It happened because players leave, otherwise we would have many players. Sometimes its a balance. You take it if you feel they want to leave. You cannot have 35 players.

“It happens, sometimes it happens. Maybe this season we want to do this transfer and it cannot happen. Sometimes we think out the strategy, we plan to do this, but [players leaving] happens because the other clubs want it, because new players come, because the players who stay here want to leave, for many reasons.”

One of the arriving players was Kalvin Phillips, who has battled for playing time this season due to a minor ailment followed by a shoulder injury suffered last week at Barcelona.

Phillips would have been Guardiola’s first pick to come off the bench this week when City led comfortably against Nottingham Forest.

He said: “It’s frustrating for him and for me and for us, definitely. Last season he struggled a little bit with injuries at Leeds. He had a little problem, a muscular issue, now his shoulder. I don’t know if the shoulder will stay in all the time or will want to come out and go in again.

“Hopefully it’s the last one and he can start to get the dynamic of the training sessions and minutes in games. In the last game for example, after three or four-nil, immediately Rodri came out and we didn’t have a proper replacement, that moment would have been really good minutes from Kalvin, to learn the patterns, know what we want to do and make mistakes, to analyse this situation and know what we want to do. Unfortunately he has been out. The season is long and of course he is going to help us.”

Pep Guardiola offers a witty explanation for how Manchester City achieved record-breaking summer window sales

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