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‘Not friends anymore’ – Tomori sends message ahead of Chelsea return

‘Not friends anymore’ – Tomori sends message ahead of Chelsea return

Fikayo Tomori is Milanese, not because of the way he wears or acts, but because of the affection he is cultivating for AC Milan prior to a match against his previous team Chelsea.

Unusually for a Brit overseas, the 24-year-old helped the Italian giants win the Scudetto for the first time in 11 years and has become a fan favorite due to his command of the Italian language.

After attending the Chelsea academy from the age of eight, he still carries a piece of Chelsea with him, and his intuition told him that the Champions League will bring him home.

“I kind of knew we would draw Chelsea before the draw came out so the fact it has happened now is really exciting,” Tomori told a select group of reporters.

“It was a suspicion for me. When it came out I remember my friends were all saying ‘you knew it, you knew it!’”

Among these buddies are former and current Chelsea players such as Mason Mount, Reece James, and Tammy Abraham, all of whom have gone on to have illustrious careers.

When the Champions League music plays on Wednesday, Tomori will be focused on winning with Rossoneri and not on impressing anyone in England.

“It is nice to see them again but I’m sure it’s the same for them if you ask them … once you step over that white line and the first whistle goes it’s kind of like we’re not friends anymore. We’re trying to fight for the three points,” he added.

Tomori will receive more focus than any other player on the field. The homecoming will increase the pressure on Tomori, and England manager Gareth Southgate may be tempted to attend midweek European matches if Tomori plays in a stadium near him.

Three-time England international Tomori is struggling to join the Three Lions’ Qatar roster and is unlikely to start.

He admits that he wants to play, but is satisfied with Southgate’s explanation of what he must do to play more frequently.

“Every player wants to play and you want to be involved but it’s an honour for me to be selected,” he added. “I know now that I’m not quite there, I’ve still got some stuff to do to get myself in the frame to be there for the World Cup, so hopefully I can do that.

“There are a lot of games between now and then for me to try and get in that squad or hopefully be in a position where I can get some minutes on the pitch as well.

“There are things in Milan where the manager wants me to be in certain positions or do certain things that I need to try and remember to do on the pitch and work on off the pitch to make myself a better player and to try and be better in the structure of the team.

“Those things I spoke to Gareth about and he agreed, so I know I have to try and improve those things and, from there, we will see what happens.”

‘Not friends anymore’ – Tomori sends message ahead of Chelsea return

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