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Mount sent brutal Chelsea contract ultimatum amid Boehly’s clever leverage talks

Mount sent brutal Chelsea contract ultimatum amid Boehly’s clever leverage talks

Mason Mount is being speculated to depart from Chelsea as his contract demands have raised concerns. The midfielder, who is currently 24 years old, is in the last 18 months of his contract at Stamford Bridge, leading to an increasingly uncertain future for him.

According to football.london, one of the priorities for the Clearlake Capital consortium, led by Todd Boehly, was to secure Mount’s future by offering him a new long-term contract. However, negotiations have hit a roadblock due to disagreements over the length of the contract and the amount of wages offered.

Despite being an experienced international player for England, the Cobham academy graduate, who is currently earning approximately £75,000 per week, is not considered to be one of the top earners. 

While Mount has reportedly rejected offers of around £200,000 per week, Simon Jordan has suggested that Mount should consider himself fortunate to be earning £50,000 per week.

Speaking on talkSPORT, the former Crystal Palace owner said: “What would I do with Mason Mount? I think he’s a very decent player and if you listen to some of the people I spend time with, like Danny Murphy, very educated midfielders like Graeme Souness, they think he’s a very good player.

“None of them are worth £200,000-a-week. None of them are worth £300,000-a-week. There’s an argument to be made that none of them are worth £50,000-a-week. When we get into the context of what they actually do, then it is difficult to justify those salaries.

“When you put that into the context of advertising revenues and the world of football, then you can argue they are worth what they get,” Jordan added. ” Mason Mount I think is one of those that is not going to make the cut in Chelsea’s new way of building and buying. Because he’s on Chelsea’s balance sheet as a zero cost because he’s an academy payer, then I very much think he could be one of those that are sold.

“Where he is sold to, I don’t know. If the dressing room is full of people earning an average £200,000-a-week, as preposterous as that is, it is well within Mason Mount’s right to be asking for that. As is always the case, the players developed in the youth system take more time to catch up to the wages that new players, who have not done anything for the club, come in on.

“It makes the case, where are Chelsea going and what do they want to do? What new structure are they putting in place? I don’t think Mason Mount is a £200,000-a-week player. I think he’s a very good player.

“I’m like a turkey voting for Christmas against my own argument, these players are getting paid preposterous money so why wouldn’t they ask for it. I think Mason Mount will be sold by Chelsea. The problem is, who buys him at top money and who pays him top money? That I don’t know.”

In the event that Mount and Chelsea are unable to come to an agreement on a new contract, he will depart from the club as a free agent in June 2024. 

However, there is a possibility that he could be sold for a lower price before then, and several leading clubs are reportedly keeping a close eye on his situation.

Mount sent brutal Chelsea contract ultimatum amid Boehly’s clever leverage talks

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