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Mbappe, Declan Rice and a Man United stars: 10 footballers who are Chelsea fans 

Mbappe, Declan Rice and a Man United star: 10 footballers who are Chelsea fans 

Chelsea, a prominent football club, has achieved great success since 2003, winning numerous championships. 

They have won the Champions League twice, the Premier League five times, and have a long history of performing well in the FA Cup dating back to the 1970s. 

As a result of their worldwide success, many talented players have emerged and gained a significant following and admiration. In this article, we investigate which of these players supported Chelsea, even if they never played for the team.

Luke Shaw

During his time at Southampton, the left-back for Manchester United disclosed which team he supported as a child while responding to questions on Twitter. When asked if he was a fan of Chelsea, he replied affirmatively, stating “#championsofeurope yes I am.” Furthermore, he expressed his desire to play at Stamford Bridge, claiming it was the stadium he most wanted to compete in.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku, while not being the most well-known name on the list, declared his fondness for Chelsea when he joined the team in 2012. 

He maintained this stance even when playing for Everton, stating to SportVoetball, , “I’ll always be a fan of that club,” Lukaku told SportVoetball. “Just because I left under the wrong circumstances, the feeling doesn’t disappear.

 Lukaku also acknowledged that his departure from Chelsea was not ideal, but his appreciation for the club remained strong

 He explained that he sent a message to Eden Hazard after the team won the title, as he does whenever Hazard scores or assists. Despite leaving the club in unfavorable circumstances, Lukaku’s affection for Chelsea persisted.

Jadon Sancho

Upon signing with Manchester United in 2021, Sancho acknowledged that his allegiances were with a different team during his childhood.

“I’d probably say Frank Lampard,” Sancho told talkSPORT when asked who his England hero was. “I was a Chelsea fan growing up, I can’t lie!

“Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard were my favourite players at the time.

“I just love Frank Lampard and how he played his game; he was so direct and so composed on the ball.

“I like things like that.”

Wesley Fofana

The current defender’s friend revealed on social media that he followed Chelsea as a youngster, much to the player’s chagrin. In a post, his friend stated, “The New Jersey will look good on you. Ever since you were a kid.” The post also included an image of the player in a Chelsea kit.

Kylian Mbappe

The forward for Paris Saint-Germain had a trial with Chelsea when he was a child, and as famous photos depict, he also had the club’s kit displayed on his wall.

Peter Crouch

Despite having played for Liverpool, Tottenham, and Queens Park Rangers, Crouch is actually a fan of Chelsea.

“I was named Peter after Peter Osgood, believe it or not,” Crouch told talkSPORT. “My dad was a massive Chelsea fan in the 70s, and I was a ball boy down there.”

“I started at QPR and I started getting tickets, my pals are QPR fans and I paid £5 to get in the lower paddock and watch Les Ferdinand and Trevor Sinclair, some top players down at Rangers,” he explained.

“I was a Chelsea fan but it’s difficult. When you go back as a Liverpool player or as a Tottenham player, whoever I went back with, you sort of fall out of love a little bit. I can’t say that I’ve got a huge affection for Chelsea anymore.

“Especially after those Liverpool vs Chelsea semi finals in the Champions League and the FA Cup semi final, things like that I just got so much abuse that I thought, do you know what, I’ll take [my kids] down to QPR.”

Reece James

As one of the standout talents in Chelsea’s academy, James has a strong affiliation with the club. 

He was already a fan when he was recruited as a child, however. When Frank Lampard was dismissed from his role as Chelsea’s manager in 2021, James expressed his emotions in writing.

“As a Chelsea fan growing up I’ve always looked up to you, idolised you,”

Declan Rice

Rice openly comes from a family of Chelsea supporters, and he played for the club before being released at the age of 14.

 “Yeah, growing up the whole family was Chelsea,” he said.

“‘I feel like it’s out there, everyone knows, it’s well documented. But I feel like when you play for a club like West Ham you become really affiliated to it, and there’s part of me now – and my family as well – that is a massive West Ham fan.”

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

A photograph of the Napoli winger wearing a Chelsea shirt in his early days has surfaced.

Armando Broja

Another player to progress from the Chelsea academy to the first team is the Slough-born graduate.

After signing a long-term deal in 2022 he said, “My mum’s first cousin, he’s a massive Chelsea fan. He would take me to every Chelsea game when I was like three or four so I always supported Chelsea. He loves Chelsea so in my head I just supported Chelsea, but I didn’t know the rivalry between Tottenham [and] Chelsea so when I did join Tottenham I didn’t know what it was going to be like.

“In my head when I was at Tottenham, I supported them [Chelsea], but I always wanted to beat them because I wanted to show the Chelsea staff and everyone there that I want to join Chelsea.”

Mbappe, Declan Rice and a Man United star: 10 footballers who are Chelsea fans 

Mbappe, Declan Rice and a Man United star: 10 footballers who are Chelsea fans 

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