Mauricio Pochettino tells Chelsea the first transfer he wants to make

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Mauricio Pochettino tells Chelsea the first transfer he wants to make

Mauricio Pochettino is poised to assume the role of Chelsea’s new manager starting July 1.

However, preparations for the upcoming 2023/24 season have already begun, including identifying transfer targets desired by Pochettino. As reported by Ben Jacobs of CBS Sports, the Argentine coach has already communicated his top priority signing to Chelsea’s management.

Nevertheless, securing the player may prove challenging due to competition from other European clubs, particularly considering Chelsea’s large squad and the need to comply with financial fair play regulations.

“Outgoings are the most important thing for Mauricio Pochettino because if he doesn’t have a manageable squad size, he stands no chance of succeeding,” Jacobs told FourFourTwo on June 1. “Everybody at Chelsea is aware of that so there will be several outgoings but Chelsea don’t have to wait for income to come in before they can move in the market, at least with one or two signings early in the window.

“With incomings, Manuel Ugarte is one serious target for Chelsea, PSG are in that race as well and I think both clubs feel like the release clause of €60 million is pretty fair market value. Neither plan on triggering it: both are going to present options that are structured to that valuation but with different payment terms, and it’ll come down to Ugarte.

“Newcastle have looked at Ugarte too but I’m not aware that they’ve moved – player preference is to move to the Premier League and Sporting are resigned to losing him.”

While the player may express a desire to join Chelsea, a transfer to the club is far from finalized. In fact, according to Jacobs, PSG is providing a more enticing offer due to Chelsea’s financial constraints.

“The package PSG have offered is bigger, it’s healthier: at least one-and-a-half, if not two times bigger than Chelsea have offered.

“I think that’s normal because Chelsea’s offers are factoring in a season without Champions League football and would go up in valuation if Chelsea get back in the Champions League.

“It may well come down to whether Chelsea see value in proceeding and having to pay a little bit more and second of all whether Ugarte prefers a Premier League move or whether the lucrative package that PSG have offered is more beneficial. So he’s one to watch.”

Mauricio Pochettino tells Chelsea the first transfer he wants to make

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