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Mason Greenwood’s alleged victim Harriet Robson consistently trolled online

Mason Greenwood’s alleged victim Harriet Robson consistently trolled online

Trolls masquerading as  Manchester United  supporters are at it again. They have been online harassing Mason Greenwood’s claimed victim, Harriet Robson.

On January 30th, Robson startled football fans all across the world. That’s when Harriet’s Instagram was flooded with frightening audio, photos, and video.

The caption “To everyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood actually does to me” accompanied these media files. 

It was a blatant cry for aid to everyone who saw and/or heard these things. Harriet Robson was a victim of domestic violence.

The Manchester United forward was arrested later that day by Greater Manchester Police.

They formally detained him on accusations of sexual assault and threatening to kill: completely unacceptable behaviour from anyone, anyplace. 

Let alone a bloatedly compensated 20-year-old professional player. Greenwood was released on bail while GMP completed their investigation.

Manchester United reacted quickly. Fans who bought a shirt with the accused rapist’s name on the back could swap it for a new one for free.

The player was also suspended indefinitely by the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani, both star attackers, supposedly cut all communication with the player immediately. The club then issued a strong response.

Greenwood will not be engaged in training or match days for the foreseeable future, according to United.

Mason Greenwood’s sponsors, including Nike, have dropped him. Sponsors are not looking for someone who has been accused of rape.

With a response like that, you’d think that even the most sexist and brain-dead supporters would recognise the gravity of the claims. 

You’d think that the divisiveness that comes with being a football fan would fade away.

This is especially true when the charges are as serious as rape.

You would be mistaken.

Harriet Robson is subjected to vile online abuse from trolls.

Harriet Robson announced a social media hiatus in response to the alleged attack.

“The last few days have been very difficult. I’m taking a break from social media while the police make their investigations,” she wrote. Maybe they’re expecting a backlash from the dumb 1% of football fans who can’t separate football from real life.

Harriet Robson has returned to social media after a three-month absence. Instagram, specifically. Perhaps she assumed she’d be safe from the fools’ vitriol after three months.

She was mistaken. A brief glance at her social media reveals a slew of hateful comments.

The comments area on an innocent selfie is littered with utterly hateful comments.

They ranged from menacing to desperate to plain disgusting. These comments are a first impression for these fans. These comments are still coming in as I write this.

I believe we should hold these individuals accountable.

As a result, I ask you to keep in mind that Harriet Robson is a victim before you post. She is being harassed and mocked on the internet for speaking out about her alleged abuser. She was harassed after reporting an alleged rape.

I have some suggestion for anyone who is bashing this young woman. Pull your head out of your ass and consider your options before engaging in social media.


Mason Greenwood’s alleged victim Harriet Robson consistently trolled online

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