Mason Greenwood Man United Comeback Could Jeopardize Man Utd’s Team Stability as Ten Hag Faces Critical Decision

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Mason Greenwood Man United Comeback Could Jeopardize Man Utd’s Team Stability as Ten Hag Faces Critical Decision

Regarding Mason Greenwood, Erik ten Hag is confronted with the most difficult conundrum of his tenure at  Manchester United.

Greenwood has been given the go-ahead to rebuild his career following the dismissal of all charges.

And the shocking news means that despite everything that has been said, written, and alleged about the England and United striker, Greenwood has done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law.

He has a contract with United through 2025 worth an estimated £4 million per season.

However, he will not return to the club until an immediate internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the allegations made against Greenwood has been completed.

United continued to pay Greenwood despite suspending him throughout the police investigation and subsequent court case.

He remained on the United squad list, but it appears United are in no hurry to allow Greenwood to return to training so he can reacquaint himself with his teammates, coaching staff, and, of course, his new manager.

However, the situation is much more complicated than this, and will put Ten Hag’s judgment to the ultimate test.

Before he assumed command, Greenwood was arrested on charges of attempted rape, coercive behavior, and assault resulting in ABH, which have since been dropped. Ten Hag inherited this situation.

And the latest development will have caught the Dutchman by surprise.

Because the prospect of Greenwood’s return to training could potentially disrupt the harmonious atmosphere Ten Hag has created within the squad.

Shortly after Greenwood’s arrest and subsequent indictment, several United stars distanced themselves from him on social media.

As was the case with a number of Greenwood’s sponsors, such as the sporting giant Nike, a number of players did not wish to be associated with him.

Ten Hag will have been briefed on all aspects of the episode and will not want anything to jeopardize his successful first season as United’s manager.

It is believed that Ten Hag has not met Greenwood since assuming leadership in June; he must now evaluate the implications of his return.

United is currently the only English football team still in contention to win four trophies this season.

Then there is the fact that Greenwood has not kicked a ball in anger for over a year, and United will be eager to see what effect that has had on a player who once had the footballing world at his talented feet.

When the time comes, club executives will have to assess and monitor the physical and mental health of an individual who is in imminent danger of becoming a millionaire misfit.

The most ironic aspect of this situation is that Ten Hag is desperate for a No. 9 of the highest caliber.

And prior to all of this, Greenwood was well on his way to demonstrating his exceptional talent.

However, this is not the same as welcoming back an injured player who has been out for a year.

Greenwood has the right to return to his place of employment, but he remains a person who tarnished United’s name and reputation due to the allegations against him that have been dropped – despite not having been found guilty of a crime.

It is difficult to imagine Greenwood wearing the iconic red shirt again this season or ever.

United could sell Greenwood in the summer and move forward with plans to sign Harry Kane if someone is willing to take on a player who has been out for a year but is still earning nearly £100,000 per week.

Perhaps Greenwood will seek a new beginning elsewhere. What transpires over the next few months will be fascinating to discover.

But there is one thing we know for sure: Ten Hag must make some enormous decisions, and he must do so correctly.

Mason Greenwood Man United Comeback Could Jeopardize Man Utd’s Team Stability as Ten Hag Faces Critical Decision

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