Manchester United take steps to sack troublesome Cristiano Ronaldo

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Manchester United take steps to sack troublesome Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United  is examining all legal avenues in their feud with Cristiano Ronaldo in an effort to terminate his contract and rid themselves of the renegade forward.

United said in a statement yesterday that “appropriate  steps” had been taken in reaction to his explosive, unauthorised interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV, in which he unleashed scathing allegations against manager Erik ten Hag, the Glazers’ ownership, and the club.

Ronaldo’s furious diatribe has angered and grieved United to the same degree, and the Portuguese’s stance has prompted them to desire speedy and decisive action. 

United is believed to have hired lawyers for the proceeding, which may involve a lawsuit for breach of contract, but they firmly resist paying compensation.

Ronaldo (37) and the rest of Portugal’s team arrived in Qatar last night prior to the start of the World Cup. United, though, do not want him to return to the club following the tournament, and he is not anticipated to play for them again.

While the club has not set a deadline, they would like the problem to be resolved as fast and efficiently as possible. There are significant reasons to believe that Ronaldo has breached his contract, not only because of the content of his unauthorized interview, but also because of his unwillingness to enter the game as a substitute in the 2-0 victory over Tottenham.

United, aware that the player wants to leave and has severed ties with Ten Hag and the club, has decided against an immediate dismissal in the hopes of finding an alternative to a potentially unpleasant and costly legal battle.

Ronaldo receives approximately €645,000 (£560,000) each week after his income decreased this season due to United’s failure to qualify for the Champions League. In principle, he would be eligible for an additional €19.5 million (£17 million) before his contract expires in June.

A player is required to “participate in any matches in which he is selected to play for the club” when “directed by an authorised official of the club”. ” according to form 15 of the Premier League rulebook. In addition, he must not “knowingly or recklessly do, write, or say anything that may bring the club or the game of football into disrepute” or “… cause damage to the club or its officers or employees.” The athlete must also provide the club with “reasonable notice of his intention to make any contributions to the media so that the club may make representations to him if it so desires.”

Manchester United take steps to sack troublesome Cristiano Ronaldo

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