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Manchester United star Marcus Rashford finally clarifies his goal celebration

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford finally clarifies his goal celebration

According to Rio Ferdinand, the significance of Marcus Rashford’s celebration has been disclosed and he also stated that the atmosphere in Manchester United’s training area is the most positive it has been in several years.

Since the resumption of the season after the World Cup, Manchester United has been in great shape and is only five points behind Arsenal, who are leading the Premier League. 

Additionally, they have a Carabao Cup final to anticipate this weekend. Marcus Rashford has played a vital role in the team’s success, scoring 15 goals in 17 games since returning from Qatar. 

He has a unique celebration of pointing his finger to his temple after each goal, which is thought to allude to the mental health challenges he has faced and triumphed over this season.

“I was struggling at times with more mental things. It wasn’t really my own performance but other things off the pitch,” he said last year, around the time he first started doing the celebration. “Too often last season, I wasn’t in the right headspace for games.”

Rio Ferdinand was present at Carrington on Monday and had a conversation with Marcus Rashford during his visit. He has since verified that the finger-point celebration is connected to the striker’s newly developed mindset.

Speaking on his Vibe with FIVE YouTube show, Ferdinand said: “Rashford, I found out today by the way, I went to Carrington today to interview Bruno [Fernandes], it was good. I saw [long-serving receptionist] Kath [Phipps], been there 56 years the lady! Ridiculous!

“But the celebration, it’s mentality. Nice, innit. Simple. But it’s just travelled massively. Everyone round the world is doing it now. All the young kids scoring goals, that’s the impact Rashford has had.”

He added: “Seeing Marcus just smiling – I’ve said this so many times – just seeing him smile, there’s a different vibe about him.

“He’s enjoying himself, there’s a spring in his step. I had a nice chat, it was nice. Nice vibes in the place.”

Earlier, Marcus Rashford had acknowledged the transformative impact of Erik ten Hag’s appointment on the energy at both Carrington and Old Trafford, which had contributed to his improved performances on the pitch. 

During his visit to Carrington, Rio Ferdinand experienced the positive vibe and energy around the training ground firsthand.

He continued: “The vibes at Carrington have changed dramatically. It’s just become more positive, the ambience in the place.

“Everything has changed there, looks different, feels different. The feeling when you walk in there, man… I’ve had very, very negative vibes over the years when I’ve walked through the corridors of the training ground.

“And I walked through there today and it filled me with a little smile. I was on my own walking back through the corridors and I just smiled a little bit.

“It’s weird to say but I can sense something happening here now. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know where it’s going to get to, but the ambience is very different, there’s a confidence throughout the place.

“And the confidence isn’t from the players alone, it’s the staff. I can sense something with the staff. They’re all more upbeat, happy to be in at work everyday, and that’s all been created and generated by Erik ten Hag and his team.”

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford finally clarifies his goal celebration

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