Manchester United have one thing Real Madrid can’t offer Harry Kane

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Manchester United have one thing Real Madrid can’t offer Harry Kane

The chances of  Manchester United  acquiring Harry Kane were already slim, but now they are so minimal that they would easily pass through a grid. It was evident several months ago that Manchester United desired Harry Kane, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Despite the significant improvements made under Erik ten Hag, their team lacks sufficient attacking power. In fact, the progress made by the manager is even more remarkable considering this deficiency.

Last season, only Brentford and Aston Villa, among the top 10 teams, scored fewer goals than Manchester United. Marcus Rashford shouldered most of the burden in terms of scoring for the team.

Manchester United were fortunate that Rashford regained his best form after struggling the previous year; otherwise, the situation might not appear as positive. When a defensive midfielder like Casemiro ranks third in the list of players with the most goal contributions across all competitions, it indicates that something is not going well for the team.

However, if Harry Kane is added to the Manchester United squad, those problems are almost certain to disappear, just like a puddle on a sunny day. Despite being overshadowed by the extraordinary talent of Erling Haaland this year, the England captain still managed to score 30 goals in the league.

This is the fourth time he has reached this milestone, and for the ninth consecutive season, he has scored at least 20 goals. Such a consistent track record is truly remarkable and provides the reliable source of goals that Manchester United has been desperately seeking for the past decade.

Kane, eager to finally add some silverware to his exceptional career, finds himself in the final year of his contract.

This situation, combined with his aspirations and United’s potential to make a massive signing, seemed to indicate that the stars were aligning for Manchester United to make a move. However, there is one significant obstacle in their path: Tottenham.

With shrewdness, Tottenham Hotspur managed to secure Harry Kane’s services for a six-year contract, putting them in a position where they are not compelled to sell him under any pressure. They even successfully resisted advances from Manchester City in 2021.

Presently, despite the risk of losing Kane for nothing when his contract expires, Spurs would rather retain their best player, recognizing that another season of his goal-scoring prowess could hold greater value than any potential transfer fee.

Daniel Levy, known for his tough negotiating tactics, goes to great lengths to avoid selling players to direct Premier League rivals. Consequently, Manchester United now operates on the assumption that Tottenham will not be willing to part with Kane. As a result, they have initiated backup plans, with manager Erik ten Hag engaging in discussions with Rasmus Hojlund, a promising young talent from Atalanta.

The task of acquiring Harry Kane for Manchester United was already a significant challenge when they appeared to be the only contender. However, they are not the sole predator circling the watering hole anymore. Real Madrid, having bid farewell to their legendary striker Karim Benzema, now face a noticeable void at the forefront of their attack. The coveted No. 9 position is currently vacant, and Kane would be the ideal candidate to fill it.

The transfer route from Tottenham to Madrid has been well-traveled in the past, and it would be more acceptable for Daniel Levy, Tottenham’s chairman, to sell to the Spanish giants rather than a team they are directly competing with for a place in the Champions League.

From Kane’s perspective, although Real Madrid may not be in the best position after finishing 10 points behind Barcelona, they are undoubtedly a more appealing option than Manchester United due to their illustrious history, Champions League success, and overall grandeur.

If Harry Kane does secure his move this summer, it appears that the most probable destination would be the Bernabeu with Real Madrid.

However, Manchester United still possess one advantage, one bargaining chip, one persuasive argument to sway Kane and convince him to make the move up north: the Premier League goal record.

At 29 years old, Kane is now closer to breaking Alan Shearer’s longstanding record of 260 Premier League goals than anyone else has been. He currently sits on 213 goals, just 47 away from Shearer’s record. With his goal-scoring rate, he could potentially achieve this feat within a season-and-a-half.

If he were to leave the Premier League, it becomes highly unlikely that he would ever reach this sensational milestone. This fact could be a compelling factor for Manchester United in their pursuit of Kane.

Whether or not Harry Kane places significant importance on achieving a personal milestone in a team game is uncertain. However, the opportunity to pursue such a record is something that Real Madrid cannot provide, despite their other appealing aspects. Manchester United, on the other hand, remain the only viable option within England as they offer Champions League football, have a need for a striker, and do not belong to the same club as Arsenal.

While it is highly probable that Manchester United will not secure their primary target, all hope is not yet lost. The situation can still change, and there may be other potential avenues for the club to explore in their pursuit of a top-quality striker.

Manchester United have one thing Real Madrid can’t offer Harry Kane

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