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Manchester City’s latest move angers Liverpool who are now set to appeal to Premier League 

 Manchester City’s latest move angers Liverpool who are now set to appeal to Premier League 

Liverpool is reportedly infuriated by Manchester City’s decision to reduce their allotment of visiting tickets for the upcoming Premier League match, as per The Mirror.

 The reduction has nearly resulted in a 20% cut for Liverpool, and they intend to make a direct plea to the Premier League to rethink the decision. 

There have been several conflicts between the two groups of supporters in recent years, causing tensions to escalate.

According to reports, Manchester City has claimed that the reduction in ticket allocation for Liverpool is due to concerns about public safety, based on advice from the Safety Advisory Group.

 The decision means that Liverpool’s away support will be reduced by approximately 500 individuals compared to post-COVID levels, and by over 750 compared to pre-pandemic figures.

Liverpool angered by Man City

Several Liverpool organizations, such as the supporters’ association Spirit of Shankly, have expressed concerns that this action could further strain relations, as it seems like an attempt to stifle Liverpool’s traveling fans.

“At the corresponding fixture last season, Liverpool fans experienced overzealous stewarding and policing, and were locked in the ground after the match with no access to toilets,” wrote Spirit of Shankly.

“Such undue treatment of supporters serves only to increase tension, which SOS fed back to Greater Manchester Police at the time.

“Now, it appears, Liverpool supporters are to be penalised further.

“We understand reduced allocations at the Etihad have also happened to other clubs, which don’t seem to be about away fan behaviour, but poor crowd management.”

While other Premier League teams have also been subjected to similar measures, Liverpool has been singled out unfairly in the past. 

For instance, despite disturbances originating from the home supporters at the Etihad stadium in 2019, Manchester City reduced Liverpool’s away allocation for the subsequent match. 

This suggests that Liverpool has been specifically targeted, and the club should have a strong case for their appeal.

 Manchester City’s latest move angers Liverpool who are now set to appeal to Premier League 

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