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Man United star shut down Real Madrid and Barcelona rumors.

Man United star shut down Real Madrid and Barcelona rumors.

Manchester United’s star Marcus Rashford has taken onTwitter to shut down Real Madrid and Barcelona rumors.

Rashford’s tiny remark has become blown out of proportion in football, where the norm has always been especially when it comes to anything that’s even slightly transfer-related.

In the current world, where youngsters are exposed to football on a worldwide scale more than before, it becomes even natural for younger players to have more than one vision about where they would love to play if they turn professional.

Most humans also have a natural inquisitiveness so you have to think that most players would like to play abroad in a different culture, and that seemed to be the motivation behind the latest comments from Marcus Rashford:

Marcus Rashford: “I would never say no [to playing abroad]. Ideal club? Other than #mufc, I’m a big fan of Real Madrid and Barcelona, because they’ve always had great players and played attractive football.” #mulive [guardian]

— utdreport (@utdreport) May 22, 2021


There’s nothing in there to truly recommend that he wants out and a transfer is going to occur, but it’s clearly created plenty of an issue that Rashford himself has come out to that it’s out of context and it’s not like he’s looking to leave at all:

Rashford tweeted:

If I remember rightly the question was ‘as a child, loving football, where would you have dreamed of playing?’…you’d be lying if, as a boy, you didn’t say you dreamt of playing for those clubs. Every child in every playground would say the same. This snippet is out of context.

Players rarely stay with one club for their whole career and it would be fascinating to see Rashford play in a new league, but it doesn’t look like there’s any uncertainty of that happening anytime soon.

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Man United star shut down Real Madrid and Barcelona rumors.

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