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Man City player wanted by Barcelona but Lionel Messi could block potential deal

Man City player wanted by Barcelona but Lionel Messi could block potential deal

Bernardo Silva, a talented midfielder for Manchester City, may have a chance to move to Spain even if Lionel Messi prevents him from joining Barcelona. Although Barcelona has shown interest in Silva, as has Paris Saint-Germain, Messi’s uncertain future and which team he will play for next season may affect Silva’s options.

Considering the uncertainty surrounding Lionel Messi’s future and the possibility of him returning to Barcelona, it is possible that Bernardo Silva could consider a move to Real Madrid. 

While there is still some work to be done for Messi to return to Barcelona, the idea of him ending his European career there and then moving on to Inter Miami is being considered. 

This could have a significant impact on Silva’s options as both PSG and Barcelona are interested in the talented midfielder, and PSG is expected to assess his true value soon.

Why would Barcelona’s interest in Silva end if they signed Messi?

If Messi leaves PSG, it may have some benefits as it could free up some funds for them to sign Bernardo.

 However, whether this is a positive outcome or not also depends on the duration of Messi’s situation. 

In addition, PSG is currently exploring various other options for the upcoming transfer window with their recruitment team, given the uncertainty surrounding their financial situation.

It’s highly likely that if Messi returns to Barcelona, their pursuit of Bernardo would come to an end. 

However, there are concerns that Bernardo may be too expensive for both teams, particularly given the financial constraints imposed by the Financial Fair Play rules. 

This situation could potentially benefit Real Madrid, as they are being kept informed of developments and may choose to make a move. 

Meanwhile, Manchester City is not actively seeking to sell Silva, but they may consider offers if his representatives bring an acceptable one to the table.

PSG are reportedly interested in recruiting talent from the Premier League, especially since Renato Sanches is likely to depart.

 One player who has been mentioned as a potential target is Andreas Pereira from Fulham.

 Pereira has made a significant impact since joining Fulham from Manchester United, having started in all 27 matches this season and contributing two goals and six assists.

 His strong work ethic, pressing ability, and ball retention skills have made him an important asset to the team. 

Despite his potential cost of at least £35 million, Fulham is confident they can retain him, particularly as they are also working to keep Joao Palhinha, another midfielder who has caught the attention of PSG.

Man City player wanted by Barcelona but Lionel Messi could block potential deal

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