Man City manager Pep Guardiola makes Manchester United FA Cup admission ahead of Brentford fixture

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Man City manager Pep Guardiola makes Manchester United FA Cup admission ahead of Brentford fixture

Manchester City’s focus has already shifted towards the FA Cup and Champions League finals, but Pep Guardiola is urging his team to stay concentrated on defeating Brentford this Sunday.

The Premier League title was secured by Manchester City three games ago, leading to significant rotation of players against Chelsea and Brighton in the subsequent matches.

With mounting injuries and fitness concerns, Guardiola plans to give his players and staff two days off after the Brentford game before shifting attention to the FA Cup final against Manchester United and the Champions League final against Inter Milan.

Although Guardiola acknowledges his thoughts about defeating United at Wembley in the upcoming weekend, he emphasizes that securing a victory against Brentford will serve as “proof” of the team’s ability to maintain momentum, which is crucial for their chances of achieving a treble.

Guardiola also highlights Brentford’s strengths, recognizing that they will present challenges similar to those that his players will face in the forthcoming finals.

“They beat almost all the top six,” Guardiola said of Thomas Frank’s Brentford side. “It is incredible proof for us, sustain the long balls, second balls. How to sustain throw-ins, free-kicks, corners. The best team in the Premier League [for that].

“In the finals that is a decisive aspect to control. After they make high pressing, man-to-man, like Brighton, how we can beat them? They drop defensively, 40 metres, 11 players, how can you break that? Important for our future. A good test and good proof. Go for it. A really good test.”

While Guardiola did not deny the significance of the FA Cup final against United and the Champions League final against Inter Milan, he stressed the importance of treating the Brentford match with seriousness.

He believes that maintaining consistency and high standards against Brentford will contribute to overall team performance and help sustain their competitive edge. Guardiola’s intention is to ensure that the team remains focused and committed in all matches, regardless of their relative importance, in order to uphold their standards throughout the season.

“Of course I’m thinking United and I’m thinking Inter Milan. More than Brentford,” he admitted. “To visualise winning I have to work and know the opponent. Study the opponent to give all we do to be close to winning. Brentford and United and Inter will also want to win. They study.

“As a manager, always I am scared to lose, always I am afraid of strengths of the opponent. Doesn’t matter which one. I have to see it and watch it to be calm in myself and bring my calmness to my players. Without that I could not live. That’s why consistency has been good for the years.

“Once we won the league I was focussed on Brighton because I felt if we were not like we were they could beat you. I insist to the players, Brentford will be the same.

“Phil Foden, to get out you have to break his leg. He plays with painful injuries. Last game at half-time he said he has a pain in his leg. He’s thinking United and Inter Milan, it’s normal. The Premier League is already in our pocket. But me, myself I’m thinking more United than a little bit Brentford. But Friday and Saturday I focus more on Brentford. We watch and update the players on what we have to do.”

Man City manager Pep Guardiola makes Manchester United FA Cup admission ahead of Brentford fixture

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