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Man City are about to have unstoppable new pair who will scare Premier League rivals

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Man City are about to have unstoppable new pair who will scare Premier League rivals

Pep Guardiola has warned Manchester City’s Premier League opponents that Phil Foden and Erling Haaland are on their way to forming an unstoppable goalscoring partnership.

In their first games together, the young forwards have not been on the same wavelength.

Foden squandered chances to set up goals for City’s new No. 9 against Bournemouth and Newcastle, shooting when a square pass would have resulted in a certain goal.

Guardiola, on the other hand, believes Foden simply needs more time to tune in to Haaland’s frequency.

The Manchester City manager insisted that if he does, the rest of the league will suffer.

“The feeling last season, maybe, was that we did not have a proper, proper striker so sometimes the passes can go in other ways,” he said.

“Phil is going to score a lot of goals and I want that, but now he will see that in that position, always Erling is there. That is Erling’s biggest talent. The guy is there.

“I have said it many times before it is a question of time to know each other.” Guardiola has no doubts that Foden will adapt to having a striker as a focal point.

“The biggest players make the right decision depending on where are your mates, where is the opposition. It is not like Playstation where you can guide what to do – they have to decide in the moment and the big players they decide perfectly on the action.

“And Phil is a key player for us.” City host Crystal Palace at the Etihad this afternoon and Guardiola will approach the game with caution given the south Londoners’ took four points from them last season including a shock 2-0 win in Manchester.

“They have the quality and talent that’s why we have to be on it from the first moment,” he said. “They are a side that defends really well on the edge of their box but hopefully we can break them.”

Guardiola insisted that City would not conduct any further business during the transfer window, including the sale of one of their prized assets, Bernardo Silva.

Suggestions that Paris Saint-Germain had joined Barcelona in the race for the midfielder, submitting a £59 million bid that the club turned down, were dismissed by the City manager.

“He will stay here – absolutely. We have not had a phone call from any club regarding Bernardo Silva, which is why he will stay.” Academy prospect Luke Mbete, 18, is expected to join Huddersfield on loan.

Man City are about to have unstoppable new pair who will scare Premier League rivals

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