Luke shaw reveal how football changed his police path.

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Sensational Manchester United and England star Luke Shaw reveal how football changed his career path.

The Red Devils star has had a successful campaign this season, handcuffing opposition wingers and providing moments of magic going forward.

In his recent Manchester United’s Q&A, Shaw was asked what he’d like to have done if not for football, he replied:

“If I wasn’t playing soccer I think I’d probably like to be a police officer.

“It’s a random one but I watch a lot of series and stuff to do with the police and CIA and MI6 and I’m quite into stuff like that.

“And I think if I wasn’t a footballer I think I’d want to do something based around what they do.

“So I’d say a police officer.”

The 25 years Luke Shaw’s confidence in play and recent performance has earned him a call into the Southgate team. Fans have been quick to label him ‘Shawberto Carlos’ comparing him to the Brazilian great Roberto Carlos.


Shaw, who still remains humble feels his resemblance to the Brazilian great is too much praise that he doesn’t deserve. He admitted saying:

“I’ll be honest I’ve seen some things on it on social media and sometimes in my group chats my mates send me some stuff and I just laugh about it!

“I can’t be compared to him, he’s unbelievable! I’m aware of it and it’s nice to be even mentioned alongside his name, but I just laugh about it!”

As for who the greatest left-back ever is, Shaw prefers a certain Londoner: “It’s a very tough question this.

“I think looking back at when I was growing up and my sort of era and watching him a lot and basing my game a lot on him and what I wanted to be like as a player, then I would have to say, Ashley Cole.

“I’ve always been a massive fan of him and thought, when I was growing up, he was one of the best left-backs at that time.

“For me, as an all-round full-back he was one of the best I’ve ever seen with attacking and defending, so I’d say Ashley Cole.”


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