Liverpool overhaul Manchester United to become Premier League powerhouse

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Liverpool overhaul Manchester United to become Premier League powerhouse

The second annual Top 50 Most Marketable Sport Properties list,compiled by Sports Pro Media and SponsorPulse, assessed the marketability of sporting entities around the world by surveying over 360,000 people in 18 countries over a period of time and determining the sporting property’s behaviors and emotions, as well as reaction to sponsors, to create a ‘opportunity score.’

The list was compiled using a weighted opportunity score that takes into account the population sizes of the 18 countries where these properties are measured. United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, South Africa, India, China, Indonesia, Japan, and Australia were among the countries represented.

Liverpool finished with an opportunity score of 27.3, up three spots from 2020, the second largest jump in the top 20, trailing only La Liga’s four-place jump year on year. Manchester United dropped to tenth place after being overtaken by the Reds.

When it comes to the most marketable sporting properties on the planet, from teams to leagues, research has revealed that the Reds are the most marketable Premier League side, ahead of rivals such as Manchester United and Manchester City, and even ahead of the Premier League itself and Spain’s La Liga in terms of the opportunities that can be created.

Manchester City ranked 16th, Chelsea 23rd, Arsenal 31st, and Tottenham Hotspur 87th among Premier League teams in terms of marketability, according to the opportunity score metric.

The top three spots are occupied by the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games and the NBA.

A number of factors contributed to Liverpool’s increased global appeal and marketability, which potential sponsors consider when determining the value of a partnership, and the link with LeBron James and his global appeal aided the efforts. 

James, a shareholder in Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group, has frequently been seen wearing Liverpool’s Nike merchandise, despite the fact that the basketball star has a $1 billion lifetime contract with the US sporting giant.

World’s 50 Most Marketable Properties powered by SponsorPulse 2021 – the top ten:

1 – Fifa World Cup

2 – Summer Olympic Games

3 – NBA

4 – Real Madrid

5 – Barcelona

6 – Uefa Champions League

7 – Uefa European Championship

8 – Liverpool FC

9 – Premier League

10 – Manchester United


Liverpool overhaul Manchester United to become Premier League powerhouse

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