Liverpool new playing system that makes them dangerous.

Liverpool  new playing system

Liverpool has been a team top reckon in the recent past. a Champions League win together with a Premier League title is just an indication of the caliber of team Jurgen Klopp has build over recent years since taking over at Anfield. Liverpool new playing system is now revolutionizing the football World.

Recent games has seen the Reds struggle to produce results, but a bounceback to register three consecutive wins after a series of poor performance has rejuvenated their hopes of finishing the top four. They are currently just two points behind fourth-placed Chelsea, a scenario that will witness an entertaining top-four race with just less than 8 games to go.

A win over Arsenal on Saturday is a clear indication that Klopp men may be out of their recent struggles. Now they face a real test when they travel to Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-final match on Tuesday.


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In what is seen as a revenge mission for the Reds after Real Madrid beat them in the 2018 Champions League final in Kyiv, Liverpool are now using tactical analysis and use data against their opponents to pull out a positive desired result.

Liverpool are now using a strange new system of play known as ‘StatsBomb 360’. The new system is quickly revolutionizing the world of football analysis. But how does it work?

Liverpool  new playing system

Pablo Pena, the head of StatsBomb tactical analysis and innovation had this to say:
“Until now all stats in football have been exclusively related to the ball, like passes,”
Every time things like this happen, there can be a varying degree of detail in the stats: the positioning, the foot which is used, the height, who the ball goes to.
“Depending on the statistics provider the data could be more detailed and precise or less so.
“This was still just partial information, though, because the analysts didn’t know where the rest of the players were at each moment”.

Pena gave details on how Liverpool are employing the use of ‘StatsBomb 360’. to sweep off their opponents. He said:
This new data which is now being used by Liverpool allows them to cover all bases and, in this way, helps to answer questions which were previously impossible to answer,” he added.
“Which players play a forward pass most?
“Which players are able to receive the ball between the lines
“How many defenders does each pass eliminate?
“What options does a player have open to them at any given moment?
“How does a team set up defensively?”.

When employing the new ‘StatsBomb 360’, Jurgen Klopp and his staff can monitor how players receive the ball in space, which players find the best area, which players are best at splitting a defense with a pass, how opposing teams set up on the defensive side, and find out the best players on one on one situation.

This type of in-depth tactical analysis could make a difference when Liverpool face Real Madrid and can see them topple on of the best team in Champions League history.


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