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Lack of consistency is a concern for Arsenal under Arteta. Thierry Henry.

Arsenal legend and former player Thierry Henry has backed the progress that Arsenal have been able to achieve under Arteta but has raised concern over lack of consistency.

Since joining Arsenal, the former Man City assistant has enjoyed a successful start to managerial life. Arsenal made a strong Premier League finish and won the FA Cup for the fourteenth time.

While Speaking during Monday Night Football, Henry explained how the FA Cup win “bought” Mikel Arteta more time:

“First and foremost, I would say yes [there is progress], in a way, because I think Mikel bought himself some time by winning the FA Cup last year.
“I know people will tell me, ‘yes, that’s last year’, but the way he won it and the team he won it against, I think brought him some time with the Arsenal fans and with the team because at the end of the day you have something to show at the end of the season.
“Now, what I think the team is lacking is consistency. I know people always use the word consistency, it’s a big word, but this is what they need to do.

“I sometimes put it down to their games. Sometimes I watch the first half of Arsenal, it seems like they don’t believe that they can win.
“Then when they’re in a situation where they need to come back and have a go, it looks like, why didn’t you start like that?
“Yesterday, you could see they wanted to win the game, I think that Tottenham also made it a tiny bit easier for them on the day.
“But I can see a progress, now it needs to move on to consistency, that’s going to be very key.”


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