La Liga player name scrapped from squad on website amid Liverpool transfer speculation

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La Liga player name scrapped from squad on website amid Liverpool transfer speculation

Amid interest from Liverpool and Manchester United, La Liga has removed Gavi, a talented young midfielder, from Barcelona’s official first team squad on their website.

 This move comes as the dispute over Gavi’s new contract with Barcelona continues. 

In September, when Gavi was still on a youth team contract, Barcelona offered him a new four-year deal which included a buyout clause worth €1 billion and the promise of the number six shirt formerly worn by Xavi. 

According to The Athletic, the proposed contract also contained a clause that allowed Gavi to leave Camp Nou if he was not registered as a first team player by June 30, 2023. 

In January, Barcelona requested a legal ruling that would permit Gavi’s registration as a first team player.

 However, La Liga had previously rejected the registration request, claiming that the club had violated their salary rules.

Subsequently, a court granted a legal injunction that permitted Barcelona to register Gavi as a first team player.

 However, they eventually agreed with La Liga’s argument when the league alleged that Barcelona had submitted legal documents regarding a separate case involving the contract too late, which would have determined the player’s status permanently.

Adding to their woes, Barcelona’s appeal to register Gavi was turned down by the courts this week, as reported by ESPN.

 As a result, La Liga has taken further action, albeit less significant but still noteworthy, by removing Gavi from Barcelona’s first team squad on their official website.

La Liga remove Gavi from Barcelona squad

La Liga has taken the latest step in their dispute with Barcelona by removing Gavi from the club’s first team squad list on their official website. 

This website contains a list of first team players for each of the 20 teams in the division. This move has left Gavi’s future uncertain, adding to the ongoing conflict between the league and Barcelona.

It is unclear whether Gavi will leave Barcelona this summer. However, the club has a 20-day period in which to appeal the court’s decision to prevent them from registering the Spanish midfielder. According to The Athletic, Barcelona has stated that they are pursuing further legal action.

If Gavi does leave Camp Nou, he is likely to attract attention from some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United. As of now, he can still play for Barcelona under his current youth contract.

If Gavi becomes available for free, it would create a frenzy among clubs vying for his services. Nonetheless, Barcelona is determined to continue their legal battle to register Gavi before June 30th.

La Liga player name scrapped from squad on website amid Liverpool transfer speculation

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