Sunday, November 27, 2022

Klopp elated as Jota’s goal gives Liverpool ” three dirty points.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has hailed his team for producing ” three dirty points” after a hard-fought 1-0 win over Wolves at Molineux.
Liverpool had failed to register a back-to-back win since January in a Premier League encounter. Diego Jota scored against his former club to ensure the Reds get all three points.

Klopp was more pleased with the way his team stuck to the task on their hands. He however felt that his team was far from its best.

While speaking to Sky Sports, he said;

“It was a big fight. Three dirty points, completely fine with that, that’s how you have to try to get back on track.
“We had very good moments, we had moments where we should have done better offensively, but defensively the whole game was really good.

“I didn’t like the start, we were not active enough in the start.
“And I think the first ball they played behind the last line – which was clear offside – my impression was it made them kind of insecure, so they dropped a little bit deeper.

“It was good defending, the line was in the right place, but because nobody realised that it was clear offside in the end, you take that with you.

“But apart from that, we improved there a lot and defended really well.
“And that was the main target today, that we defend well, that we counter-attack and all these kinds of things.

“[There were] a lot of really good football moments where we could have done better and could have scored maybe more, but the goal we scored was beautiful, how it happened, the finish was very important for us.
“So we got the three points and everything is fine.”


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This was the first time Jota returned to Molineux after he joined Liverpool last summer. Having suffered injuries since arriving, the Portuguese has been restricted to 20 games and has scored on nine occasions for Reds.

Jurgen was full of praise for Jota. He said:

“Diogo is just a class football player but we don’t, we cannot take it for granted that a boy who’s been out for three months – or maybe even a little bit longer – is coming back and has an immediate impact again.

“That’s pretty rare, to be honest, but he has since he’s back. That is really helpful and makes it even more special that he could score that goal, which was a nice goal and good play from us.

“And the perfect moment to score the goal, to be honest, like a second before the half-time whistle.
“So that was really good but the rest of the game was obviously a lot of defending and I’m completely fine with that because that’s exactly what we wanted to do and that’s exactly what I wanted to see – that we show 100 per cent that we understand the situation right.

“It’s not about being Liverpool on a duller night, it’s about being Liverpool and being ready for fighting with all we have for a result. That must be possible, even on nights when we are not at our absolute best.”