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Juventus chiefs rips into Spurs Fabio Paratici over deal for ‘excellent’ Tottenham Hotspur player

Juventus chiefs rips into Spurs Fabio Paratici over deal for ‘excellent’ Tottenham Hotspur player

Federico Cherubini, the sporting director at Juventus, has criticized Fabio Paratici for his transfer of Dejan Kulusevski to Tottenham. 

The situation at Juventus is a mess once again.

On the field, things were poor enough that they were eliminated from the Champions League in the group stage with only one victory to their name and were also completely out of the running for the Serie A championship.

The recent uptick in performance has been offset by off-field issues.

All of Juventus’ board members, including president Andrea Agnelli, have resigned as a result of the ongoing audits of the club’s finances.

A number of other people, such as Tottenham’s director of football Fabio Paratici, have been drawn into this saga.

While Tottenham are safe, Paratici is under some heat in his own Italy.

Former Juventus sporting director and current Juventus assistant coach Federico Cherubini has spoken out against Paratici’s transfer transactions.

If you believe what Cherubini said to Gazzetta dello Sport, Paratici “drugged the market” by paying too much for players.

Cherubini brought up a couple of examples by talking about transactions for Federico Chiesa and Dejan Kulusevski.

The Juventus player thought Paratici spent too much for both players, despite the fact that he termed them “outstanding.”

Cherubini emphasized Kulusevski’s lack of experience and Paratici’s willingness to pay €44m (£38m) for him.

Paratici negotiated a deal to bring Kulusevski to Tottenham, and the former player subsequently struggled after making the move.

According to Fabrizio Romano, the overall value of the deal with Spurs is roughly €45 million, thus after sell-on clauses, Juventus are getting back almost all of their investment.

Fans of Tottenham would likely agree that Kulusevski is worth more than £38m.

Truth be told, Antonio Conte is getting more out of Kulusevski for Tottenham than Massimiliano Allegri ever did.

Cherubini’s opinion won’t be swayed, as he previously claimed that Paratici’s expenditure in the transfer market was ‘hazardous’ and put Juventus in difficulties; however, he failed to mention the transaction for Cristiano Ronaldo, which incurred enormous salary costs but yielded negligible returns in Europe.

“Fabio drugged the transfer market,” said Cherubini. “That is, even Kulusevski or Chiesa, who are excellent players, but when we bought them we paid them too much. Kulusevski had spent five months in Serie A and we paid €35million plus €9million bonus: it’s €44million.”

“If Fabio woke up in the morning and he had a headache or drank a glass, he could sign €20 million without telling anyone. He was dangerous,” he added.

Juventus chiefs rips into Spurs Fabio Paratici over deal for ‘excellent’ Tottenham Hotspur player

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