Jurgen Klopp on Real defeat: “The referee was unfair but he didn’t lose us the game.”

Jurgen Klopp on real defeat

Liverpool recorded a 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid in the first clash of the Champions League quatre final encounter. The Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp while speaking on the Real Madrid defeat slammed the referee on his decision on Sadio Mane’s foul during the build-up for Real second goal.

Klopp feels that Felix Brych should have awarded Liverpool a free-kick which he ignored before Real continued with the play to score the second goal after Alexander Anorld’s mistake proved costly.

Klopp however feels that the referee’s mistakes didn’t cost Liverpool to lose the game saying his team was not playing well enough. 

Klopp said:

“For me it was something personal. He dealt with a clean foul like it was a dive,” 

When [Mane] went down, it wasn’t right. I told [Brych] after I thought he was unfair with Sadio.

“But he didn’t lose us the game. We weren’t good enough.”


“If you want to go to the semi-final, you have to earn the right to do so,”

“We didn’t do that tonight, especially in the first half.

“The only good thing I can say, apart from the goal, is it’s only the first half of the tie.

“We just didn’t play good enough football to cause Real Madrid more problems.

“We made it too easy for them. These mistakes can happen.

“We didn’t deserve a lot more but that one goal and the second half was okay. It gives us a lifeline.

“Years ago we lost 3-0 to Barcelona and played a super game. Tonight we didn’t.”

“It will be completely different,”

“Watch the Barcelona game back and 80 percent was down to the atmosphere in the stadium. But we will give it a proper try.”

Liverpool have a chance to redeem themselves with the the second leg of this tie follows on Wednesday 14 April.


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