Jurgen Klopp makes six-word admission about season following Southampton draw

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Jurgen Klopp makes six-word admission about season following Southampton draw

Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp, has conveyed a clear statement to the supporters, expressing his preparedness for the upcoming season.

The Premier League season of 2022/23 concluded with a thrilling match against Southampton, resulting in a 4-4 draw.

Despite initially being in a leading position of 2-0, Liverpool faced a setback as they fell behind 4-2. However, they managed to recover and salvage a point, ultimately finishing the season in fifth place.

For the first time since Jurgen Klopp took charge in 2016, Liverpool was unable to secure a spot in the prestigious Champions League tournament. However, they did manage to secure participation in the Europa League several weeks prior to the conclusion of the season.

Despite a season that fell short of expectations, Jurgen Klopp’s team demonstrated significant improvement towards the end. They emerged victorious in seven out of their last nine matches, indicating positive signs of their experimentation with a new tactical system.

Klopp acknowledged the team’s season and expressed his readiness for the upcoming campaign during his post-match comments following the draw at St Mary’s Stadium.

His remarks suggest that he is eager to build upon the progress made and is prepared for the next season to commence immediately.

“I feel massively ready for next season!” Klopp exclaimed. “We played not a good season and are fifth. If we are more ourselves we will be higher up the table. It is not about what other teams are doing.”

The 4-4 draw against Southampton exemplified the persistent issues Liverpool faced throughout the season. Despite making alterations to the team, they struggled to contain rapid counter-attacks and frequently found themselves overwhelmed in midfield and defense.

Jurgen Klopp addressed the match, referring to certain aspects as “unacceptable.” However, he also left us with a quintessential Klopp comment, encapsulating the game succinctly in just nine words.

“Brilliant start, brilliant finish. In between, really not good!

“We came back. There are parts I am happy with. Big parts unacceptable but I have to accept it today. Each situation we lost the ball was a counter attack and nearly all of them were goals, which is not good!”

Jurgen Klopp makes six-word admission about season following Southampton draw

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