Jurgen Klopp discloses question his wife Ulla ‘always’ asks him as Liverpool play another final

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Jurgen Klopp discloses question his wife Ulla ‘always’ asks him as Liverpool play another final

The reappearance of an old favourite has never been more relevant among the many Liverpool banners displayed in away ends across the country this season.

“Making us all skint since 2015,” the caption says alongside a portrait of Jurgen Klopp, referring to how fans are once again having to delve deep into their pockets to fund travel around England and Europe to watch their team take on – and typically beat – all-comers.

It was first noticed ahead of the Champions League final in 2019, when tens of thousands of Liverpool fans travelled to Europe for the second year in a row to witness their team compete in the showpiece event.

There will be another next weekend in Paris, with Real Madrid standing in the way of a seventh European Cup.

Closer to home, Liverpool fans have certainly gotten their money’s worth out of the Premier League season under Klopp.

The Reds have something to play for on the final day for the seventh time in six full seasons under the German.

It was to secure Champions League qualification in 2017, 2018, and last year. It’s an attempt to overtake Manchester City for the title in 2019, as it is now. And, when there was nothing on the line, Liverpool had just won their first championship in 30 years.

Such tension is nothing new in the Klopp home. But, with two trophies already under his belt and the chance of two more, is the Reds manager in the midst of the most thrilling period of his managing career?

“Definitely,” he says. “Absolutely. I was unlucky enough to have a few exciting times… if you ask my missus (Ulla), she will tell you ‘why always until the last matchday?’ because that happens incredibly often. But, yes, this is the most exciting.

“Because being where we are and seeing how the boys are, seeing the steps we made and with just two games to go – it’s unbelievable, it seems like five minutes ago it was seven games – that’s how it is, bam, and here we go.

“We have two finals. We have been playing finals for ages, but really (these are) two finals. It’s massive. It’s absolutely massive and, yes, it is the most exciting time of my career.”

The first of those finals takes place today at Anfield, when Wolverhampton Wanderers visit. A Liverpool victory would open up the potential of a title win if City, who are playing at the same time and are one point clear at the top of the Premier League, fail to overcome Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa.

Even though the Reds have already done marvels in cutting down a City advantage that once stretched at 14 points in mid-January, it appears to be a tall order.

Klopp, on the other hand, is used to last-minute drama. During his first stint in charge at Mainz, he was denied promotion to the Bundesliga by a point in 2002 and then by goal difference a year later.

Those experiences have allowed the Reds manager to take a more measured approach to matching City and Liverpool’s remarkable pursuit of all four major trophies, imploring the players and fans to enjoy every step of an already unforgettable campaign regardless of how much silverware is eventually amassed.

“I’m not sure I said it at the time (about the journey when at Mainz), but I thought it,” recalls Klopp. “The year is obviously 365 days, and at Mainz 364 were better than ever before in our lives as footballers, and the last one was particularly bad. And it was up to us to judge what we make of that. I thought ‘well, let’s give it a try and make 365 of it’, that’s how it is. But you need the other 364 as well. That’s what we always did.

“At Mainz, life gave me another knock because we didn’t get promoted because of a point, and then a goal, so it was a real test, and then we got promoted.

“Things work out if you stay on track, if you stay in the right mood and that’s what we will be. I learned it early, and that’s the only way I can do it actually. I enjoy the journey a lot, and anybody else who wants to do that is invited. If not, then I cannot change that.”

Liverpool’s Premier League season comes to an end today. The voyage under Klopp, on the other hand, is far from over.


Jurgen Klopp discloses question his wife Ulla ‘always’ asks him as Liverpool play another final

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