Saturday, December 3, 2022

Juan Mata’s mother succumbs to illness.

Juan Mata's Mother
Marta Garcia

Manchester United confirmed this sad news on Monday evening. In a tweet, they said: “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Juan Mata’s mother, Marta Garcia. Thinking of you and your family, Juan.”

Described as a ‘very dear, good and loving person, Marta Garcia rarely made public appearances as she preferred staying out of the limelight.

Mata’s Manchester United team-mates including Bruno, De Gea, and Hereira took Instagram to share their pics with Mata to show their love and support.

Bruno posted: “Friend, a very strong hug for you and your family.” 


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De Gea captioned his post with a love heart and former United midfielder Ander Herrera wrote ‘siempre’ meaning ‘forever.’

Mata had a very close relationship with her mother. It is said that they could always talk before every match and she would often text him during the game as the 32 years old used to get her mom’s text after full time.

In 2019, Mata told “My mother has always been more worried about my physical wellbeing during a match than the result.

“That’s why, even now, I always call her when I’m on the coach on the way to the stadium. Always.

“It’s a ritual that we both enjoy, and which is also an extra source of motivation for me. ‘Be careful. Enjoy, shoot… and try not to get hurt,’ are always her words.

“My mother is undoubtedly a key figure in my life.

“I will always do everything that’s in my hands to make her happy. She deserves it more than anyone else.”


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